Article One Partners

Crowdsourcing patent related technology research.

Founded 2009
51-200 employees
  • Legal Services
  • Headquarters address
    10901 W. 120th Ave Ste 380 Broomfield, CO 80021

    We're the leading crowdsourcing platform for technical patent researchers. Our clients are international law firms and corporations. We solve customer problems through talent matching and crowdsourcing solutions. Our proprietary web platform is the core of our business and supports all of our critical business processes.

    We're looking for a developer/ engineer to join our team as a technical leader. Ideal for us is an all around technical leader who can get things done within our current stack while moving the architecture ahead for the future. Continuous improvement is our team goal, we're always looking to reduce technical debt and trim the code base. We're building new features with a vue.js / Semantic UI development standard that's improving our speed from idea to production.

    Tech stack

    vue.js, Semantic UI, Zend, Doctrine, Solr, mysql, php, centOS, git, node.js


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    401k plan

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