Armory is working on making cloud deployments, safe, trivial and ultimately boring. We are creating a platform that helps software teams ship better software, faster.

Founded 2016
16-50 employees
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Headquarters address
    Downtown San Mateo, CA

    Why Armory Exists

    Cloud infrastructure may be a well-known concept to many of you reading this, however, to the large majority of enterprises, cloud deployments are new, exciting and potentially terrifying. We see a trend where every company will eventually need software expertise in some way. Imagine a sports supply company that has existed for over a century without internal developers beginning to embed bluetooth chips in their footballs. In the same way the app stores changed the math on what it takes to install an app on an individuals phone, we believe Armory will change the math on what it takes any individual or company to safely and reliably, spin up and iterate cloud services, and their future existence will be dependent on their ability to do so.

    Our long-term vision

    Unlock massive enterprise value through software. Software helps enterprises dominate their industries and compete in new verticals. We help our customers drive enterprise value by enabling a deep core competency in software.

    Our immediate mission

    Enable Intelligent Deployments. We help enterprises ship software with speed and confidence. Even the best boardroom strategy is meaningless in a software-first world without the ability to continuously deploy software in the background without downtime and errors. We inject safety, velocity and intelligence into our customers' software deployment processes.

    Read our CEO's Manifesto post for more detail:
    Learn more about our Key Values

    Tech stack

    Go, Java, AWS, Kubernetes, SpringMVC, Javascript, Python, Awesomeness


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    ARMORY - Company Photo
    ARMORY - Company Photo
    ARMORY - Company Photo
    ARMORY - Company Photo
    ARMORY - Company Photo
    ARMORY - Company Photo
    ARMORY - Company Photo
    ARMORY - Company Photo