Converting ideas into high-performance software using world-renowned PaaS solutions, TDD and continuous delivery

Founded 2012
16-50 employees
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Headquarters address
    1 Primrose St, London EC2A 2EX, UK


    We help organisations deliver business-critical value using Cloud Foundry; reducing cost, removing vendor lock-in and providing agile, fast-feedback delivery pipelines and runtimes at proven large scale.

    We have 3 main focuses for our clients:

    BUILD: We build products for our clients leveraging full stack PaaS environments.
    TRANSFORM: We provide consultancy and resources to help our clients transform their own development platforms into fully functioning, Cloud Native, microservice environments.
    TRAIN: We provide training in the specific skill-sets that enable Cloud Native app development.

    Example project: We recently delivered the donation system for Comic Relief again (as we have done the past 4 years). We built the entire stack utilising Cloud Foundry - and the system processes in excess of 400 credit card transactions per second during peak periods - all with 0 downtime!


    Through consultancy and development services in the following areas:
    - Architecting for Cloud Foundry;
    - Continuous Delivery Pipelines;
    - Developer tooling and environments;
    - Environmental transformation.


    Our Tech Stack is typically:
    TDD (always) with Continuous Deployment of Ruby, Go or Java microservice apps on Cloud Foundry with Concourse CI deploying to an IaaS such as AWS using a mixture of Mongo and Redis datastores.

    We say typically because this can vary from client to client, and the pace of new tech adoption is something we are constantly striving to meet!

    All our technologists and engineers are provided with full training on our stack. We do not expect everyone we take on to have experience with every layer ... At Armakuni, you will learn ... You will grow ... You will develop!

    Tech stack

    Cloud Foundry, PaaS, IaaS, Micro-Services, TDD, BDD, CI/CD


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