Arcadia Power

Building the nation's first clean energy utility

Founded 2014
51-200 employees
  • Electric Energy & Natural Gas
  • Headquarters address
    555 11th Street NW Fourth Floor, Washington, DC 20004

    Arcadia Power provides everyone in the United States an option to choose clean energy by accessing the same renewable energy markets that Google and Apple use to buy clean power. Our mission is to change the way Americans consume energy - from fossil fuels to pollution-free renewable power. We're the for energy, re-imagining the utility-consumer experience for everyone that pays a power bill.

    We recently closed seed round with top tier investors BoxGroup and Wonder Ventures. Customers in all 50 states. Rapid user growth (25% MoM). Our office is in downtown Dupont Circle near two metro stops, and too many lunch options.

    Primary Tech: Ruby, Rails, JS/React/Redux, Git, Heroku, Postgres SQL and Wind and Solar Powered Electrons

    Things You Are: generally comfortable working across the stack. View learning as an important part of your career. Love Ruby and are specifically seeking a ruby job. Want to join a team and work onsite. Seeking a role with autonomy and a large impact. Value shipping code daily, writing clean well tested code, refactoring, code review, interested in renewable energy and conservation.

    Things You Aren’t: Inflating your credentials. Sloppy. Need constant hand holding. Thinking 1 step ahead instead of 3.

    Culture: Serious but not too serious (we're fighting climate change after all). Flexible hours within reason, lots of espresso, business casual, happy hours with the team, full health benefits, custom tech setups. It’s a startup but not just tech guys and gals, diverse people and backgrounds across business development, marketing, customer reps, etc.

    What You’ll Be Doing: Working to build the first online electric utility, and expand the infrastructure for renewable energy generation across the US

    Next Steps: If you think you might be a good fit send an email to with a link to the last interesting dev book/article/reddit post/whatever that you read, as well as a resume or github profile.

    Tech stack

    Ruby on Rails, Javascript, React, Redux, Postgres SQL, RDS, Git, Heroku, AWS, ElasticSearch, Teraform, Codeship, Rspec


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    Dental insurance
    Vision insurance

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    Catered lunches
    Arcadia Power - the AP team Whitewater rafting in West Virginia!
    Arcadia Power - Company Photo
    Arcadia Power - Company Photo
    Arcadia Power - Company Photo
    Arcadia Power - Company Photo
    Arcadia Power - Company Photo
    Arcadia Power - Company Photo
    Arcadia Power - Company Photo