Appneta, Inc.

Application performance management — monitor the performance of application code, hosts, network, and end user experience

Founded 2000
51-200 employees
  • Analytics & Business Information
  • Headquarters address
    Boston, MA 02210, USA

    At AppNeta we work on elegantly answering questions about performance that web developers & ops engineers face each day. We build TraceView (formerly Tracelytics), an application performance monitoring system that tells engineers why their web app is slow. Our engineering team has offices in Providence, Boston, and Vancouver, and locally we are looking for engineers to help us with our data processing and backend infrastructure.

    TraceView works by measuring performance from inside your web server and hijacking function calls in your app's language runtime, following and profiling web requests as they are forwarded between the hosts and processes that make up your stack. This data is fed into our data processing, storage, & analysis system, which currently processes events at a rate of >50KHz and growing. Atop all that we've built a powerful/beautiful interface that visualizes your app's performance.

    We sit atop mountains of data, so figuring out how to collect, analyze, summarize, store, and visualize it all is a big challenge. In Providence we are currently looking for more backend, systems, and data-focused engineers to join our team, which is generally responsible for data collection, analysis, storage, scaling, and architecture.

    Tech stack

    Backend: Python, Cassandra, Hadoop, MySQL, RabbitMQ Interface: Python, jQuery, d3.js, Backbone


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