Ando is the new online restaurant from David Chang, Momofuku and Expa serving food designed specifically for delivery.

Founded 2015
16-50 employees
  • Food & Drink
  • About two years ago, Momofuku wanted to start exploring delivery. A little known fact is that over 11 years go, David Chang staged at Otto for a week under Mario Batali’s insistence that he had to learn about delivery systems. For him, it’s been a career-long journey to discover what food delivers well.

    Expa partner Hooman Radfar and David met through mutual friends. Hooman was founder of the marketing automation company AddThis (acquired by Oracle), had previously invested in Sweetgreen, and has been involved in several logistics-focused companies such as Uber and Washio. He saw opportunities to create a concepts in the food world leveraging digital marketing and logistics technology and was interested in exploring a mobile-only, food delivery concept.

    Momofuku was looking for someone to partner with who had the logistical, technical, and start-up business expertise to be the FOH to Momofuku’s BOH, and Hooman was hoping for a partner that truly understood food. This collaboration between Momofuku and Expa allows the Ando team to serve Momofuku food designed specifically for delivery.

    Tech stack

    MongoDB, Postgres


    Compensation and retirement

    Pension plan

    Health and wellness

    Health insurance
    Dental insurance
    Vision insurance
    Life insurance
    Disability insurance