Our mission is to simplify how healthcare operates, so that hospitals and caregivers can focus on delivering the best possible care to patients.

Founded 2014
51-200 employees
  • Health Care Technology & Nursing
  • Headquarters address
    625 Ellis St #200, Mountain View, California 94043

    What We Do

    We are a team of technologists, software engineers, doctors, nurses, and lean healthcare experts with on-the-ground experience solving operational challenges in clinical environments. Qventus helps hospitals like Stanford/Mayo Clinic/Emory/New York Presbyterian reduce wait time for patients, prevent patient falls, and generally helps hospitals deliver a better and safer experience for patients, resulting in reduced injuries, loss of life, and financial waste.

    Why Join Us

    • We're making a big difference. Qventus has meaningfully affected patient experiences and outcomes for almost 4 million patients across the united states. Our platform works with hospital data to predict negative outcomes for patients and associated potentially disastrous situations that are likely to occur, then applies our system of action to reach the right doctors and nurses, at the right time, telling them where to go to stop these events before they happen. Think Minority Report applied to hospitals.

    • Our founding team has done this before. Two of our three founders worked in consulting for over a decade solving efficiency problems in hospitals. They know hospitals, where they've been, where they want to go, and how to work within them to drive the necessary mind shift and change management we need to drive this new wave of technology.

    • Our team is top notch! We have the fortune of having amazing engineerings and data scientists from top schools (Stanford, MIT, Cal, etc.) applying the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to create products that help healthcare organizations around the world and their people adapt in the moment and make the right decisions from the most complex data. Furthermore, we employ several practicing clinicians (practicing surgeons, doctors, nurses) in the company to help us understand the hospital environment. We take what we do very seriously.

    • Fresh off our Series B of $30 million, we are backed by some of the leading investors in Silicon Valley and beyond (YC/Start X/Norwest/Mayfield/Bessemer) and have some of the most iconic health systems as our customers (Stanford/Emory/Mayo). Even more encouraging is the fact that our customers are also investing in us, namely New York Presbyterian Ventures (the venture wing of New York Presbyterian Hospital) invested in our Series B.

    Engineering at Qventus

    • Web Apps: Responsible for our web platform and associated services.
    • Mobile: Responsible for our mobile products (iOS and Android).
    • Data Platform: Responsible for ETL, data processing and platform, managing data lifecycle from customer ingest to persistence, serving data to data science and web apps groups.
    • Data Science: Responsible for our ML development.
    • DevOps: Infrastructure and associated infrastructure services, working with teams to build and maintain CICD pipelines.
    • QA: Responsible for quality definition, automation, QA infrastructure, driving quality process from development through release. Functional QA is largely outsourced, we prefer to have QA team focused more on the engineering required to scale a large QA org.


    1) Using AI/ML- We use predictive analysis to help doctors and nurses make proactive operational decisions so they can focus on patient care

    2) Data scaling- We are starting to get significantly larger volumes of data, which is also increasingly becoming more and more clinical (lab results, etc) in nature.

    3) Data sensitivity- Because this data is more clinical, it is more sensitive and requires a higher bar on how we set up and monitor our systems.

    4) Data Ingestion- Getting data out of hospitals is not an easy task. We have to figure out more scalable solutions to help us grow quickly. This is an industry wide problem and we are looking to do it better than just about anyone else.

    5) Product growth- Expansion in more areas of the hospital means we have more to learn and an opportunity to expand our product to achieve more outcomes.


    Patient Fall Risk Every day patients fall inside of hospitals. This is such a big problem that last year 1,000,000 patients fell, resulting in 27,000 deaths and $50 billion worth of additional medical costs. Qventus built a system to predict when a patient in a hospital is at risk of falling that would send out a message to the care team for that patient (doctor + nurses) to let them know who was at risk and where to go to help them. This system involved building out a machine learning model and system to broadcast the message at the right time to the right people. The results of this project were astounding, reducing the number of patient falls by almost 40% in the first hospital we deployed this to.

    Working at Qventus

    We live by our values and try to express them in everything we do.

    1) Plan, Do, Learn: Making mistakes is a part of growth, and no matter how successful an initiative may be, there is always room to learn. The key is to keep doing and learning.

    2) Help Others Succeed: This is a team sport, and we either all win or we all lose. To win as a team, we must work as a team. Individual success is dependent on the success of our teammates.

    3) Simplicity: Aspire to simplify when possible, whether its in the software we design, the processes we create, or the meetings and conversations we have. The world we operate in is complicated enough, lets not add to it unnecessarily.

    4) Accountability & Ownership: We are all owners of the business. We hav a bias towards action and care deeply about the results and outcomes we drive, and ultimately the people we help.

    5) Customer Empathy: We are all customer success. We work hard to know our customers, their struggles, and how we can help them. We hold ourselves to highest standards - quality matters and so do the details.

    6) Total Honesty Delivered Respectfully: Feedback is a core part of who we are, and being honest with ourselves and each other is how we deliver it.

    Tech stack

    Django, Python, AWS, React Native, Kafka, Coffeescript, Backbone.js, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Machine Learning, AI, NumPy, SciPy, Java, React, JavaScript


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    Values and quality of life

    Catered lunches
    Qventus - We live by our values and try to express them in everything we do.
    Qventus - Ridiculously fun scavenger hunt at our annual Qventus Summit.