Ample Foods

Ample is a complete meal in a bottle from superior, real food ingredients for health conscious people. We seek to simplify optimal nutrition and dramatically level up the food industry.

Founded 2015
1-15 employees
  • Food & Drink
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    1161 Mission St.
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    What is Ample?

    Ample is a complete meal in a bottle from superior real food ingredients made for people who really value their health and time.

    Ample: Simplifying Optimal Nutrition

    It’s a 400 or 600 calorie meal with over 24 grams of protein, just 4 grams of sugar, fiber and probiotics for digestive health, organic greens, and healthy fats that provide fuel and give Ample a creamy, nutty flavor. It’s free of GMOs, corn, soy, gluten, and artificial sweeteners, so it provides optimal sustenance with an ingredient list customers can actually feel good about.

    Our Promise

    We promise to create constantly improving foods grounded in nutritional science, and be radically transparent in our process.

    To keep this promise to our customers, we're building a team of hard working, razor-sharp people who value results over activity. Who are passionate about the health-conscious values that Ample stands for, and who can have fun in the process!

    Our Story

    I’m Connor Young, the founder of Ample. Ample started in July 2015, after I realized that even my most health-conscious friends couldn't find the time or attention to prioritize health in the way they needed to.

    These days, our schedules are so demanding, we barely have time to eat, let alone cook our own food. Since constant meal prep just was not in the cards, they asked me for healthy packaged food solutions, but I couldn’t honestly recommend anything. These days, most food company's goals are to to seem healthy, rather than to actually be healthy.

    I asked myself what a food company would look like if it’s goal was to actually achieve perfect nutrition. I realized perfection starts with a formula grounded in current science, and made from real food. And it continues through constant iteration, multiple nutritionally targeted products, and ongoing research.

    With the help of an amazing team, great investors, and the support of over 1500 backers during a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign, Ample finally became a reality, and is now being shipped throughout the US. We're now growing rapidly, looking to dramatically level up the food industry.

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