We are changing they way businesses are run.

Founded 2006
51-200 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    130 Battery St, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA

    What is Riivos? 

    We create industry-specific, cloud-based value chain management applications. Supported by experienced industry professionals, these give executives, managers and their teams the power to realize optimal financial performance by seeing the financial ripple effects of business condition changes and management decisions across their complete value chain. Our applications integrate disparate data and internal systems from across your unique value chain to give everyone in the organization a shared understanding of how to continuously create and manage value.

    What’s the potential?  

    We focus on industry verticals where there is a high degree of volatility and uncertainty, and where there is a lack of enterprise solutions to help senior executives make key financial decisions. Currently, we focus on the US$1 trillion American mortgage market and the US$3 trillion mining and metals market. We will expand into two more verticals in mid-2017 and will continue to expand into new industries every year.  Current customers include Union Home, Guild (#6 mortgage lender), ArcelorMittal (#1 steel producer) and Shell (#3 oil producer).

    How is the product built?  

    Riivos uses open-source and commercial software, an agile development methodology, and a smart, dedicated team to deliver high quality, robust solutions to our customers. Our technology stack consists of Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, RxJS, Node, Cassandra, ElasticStack, Docker, and AWS.  Engineering uses WebStorm, Git/Gerrit, Jenkins, and OSX / MacBook Pros.  Our microservices architecture is designed with responsiveness, high availability, and scalability.  We constantly strive to keep our development cycles short, build green, and system up.  Riivos  "dogfoods" our own product, so user feedback is only footsteps away.  

    What’s interesting, challenging?  

    We emphasize learning, teamwork and continuous improvement. We care about high quality code, relentless automation, and optimizing for iteration speed. We rely on and practice continuous integration, test automation, frequent production deployments, retrospectives, and personal growth to continually challenge our team.  We have a strong work ethic, but value life outside of work, so we don't spend our entire lives in the office. We have monthly company events, bi-weekly all hands meetings, and competitive ping pong players.

    Why it matters to you?  

    Team members are challenged by working on different features and layers of the platform. You are empowered to learn and take ownership from the design to the delivery of your feature. Our business is growing and there are numerous individual growth opportunities whether your interest is to stay technically focused, you aspire to join management, or you want a combination of both - we have a path for you. Team members are encouraged to learn new skills and work on different parts of the tech stack.  

    Why you fit?

    We’ve signed new large clients, are launching new verticals, and continue to invest in our next generation enterprise platform. We must grow our Engineering team to accelerate delivering features to our customers. We are seeking team member who want to build new features, tackle challenging projects and make an impact. Join us as we continue to accelerate the growth of the company.

    Tech stack

    AngularJS/Angular, RxJS, Kendo UI, Socket.io, Node, Docker, AWS EC2, C#, .NET Core, Cassandra


    Compensation and retirement

    401k plan

    Health and wellness

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