Our vision is to democratise the use of data and AI and use them for good

Founded 2014
1-15 employees
  • Research, Management, & Consulting
  • Headquarters address
    Dysart Street, London, EC2A 2BX

    For enterprises, looking to optimise their operating model, AI-Link’s suite of bolt-on data science, AI consulting services and enterprise software, empowers decision makers throughout the entire value chain to invariably make the most optimal choice, because they can personalise insights to what works for them individually instantly - minus the learning and time barriers. We are partners with IBM and Salesforce. Your needs determine which of our three standalone division would create the most value for you:

    1) Customer Acquisition, Engagement and Retention - EdsCity develops and implements CRM strategy with a clear objective and quantifiable results to help companies achieve stand-out success on the Salesforce platform. It also helps companies create habit-forming apps on Salesforce that everyone loves.

    2) Gain deeper insights through more sophisticated analytics - Aspen Society enriches data, derives context, governs data over its lifetime. It uncovers hidden patterns in all types of data, helping companies optimise operations, counters fraud and threats, manages risks, and creates new business models. We presents the relevant information to right people in the right format at the right time.

    3) Employee well-being - Alice is a personal virtual health concierge. It analyses the biochemical individuality and the mental profile of the user and constructs a personalised health plan using a curated medical hub of information. Its alternate reality gaming (ARG) component learns from the user’s interactions to help them overcome the 3 I’s problem: ignorance, inertia, and ideology, to not only improve their well-being but achieve the goals that matter most to them.

    Tech stack

    Python, Octave, Spark, Java, C++, Scala, Heroku, R, Tensorflow, Google Cloud