Adtile Technologies

Adtile is a patented publishing and advertising solution pioneered for the mobile industry. Adtile designed everything around flight dynamics, hardware sensors, and a collection of data API’s.

Founded 2010
16-50 employees
  • Information Systems
  • Headquarters address
    11750 Sorrento Valley Rd #200, San Diego, CA 92121, USA
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    What We Do

    We are redefining sensor technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible. Our unique culture is the key to our success. Our small teams are bold enough to attempt challenges that haven't been done before. We're not big on titles or protocol - we simply focus on tackling the toughest technical challenges.

    Adtile is headquartered in San Diego, California with a European office in Helsinki, Finland. Adtile has a portfolio of over 40 issued and pending patents in support of its Motion Store®, a self-service creative cloud for designing and deploying high quality programmatic sensor-enabled creatives in minutes, and its MotionStack®, a library for developers wishing to build a motion experience from the ground up.

    Adtile's engineers work in a creative environment where individual work and teamwork are both core values.

    Interview Process

    Our interview process typically initiates with a 15 minute video chat to get acquainted with some team members and assess whether there's a fit of technical knowledge, followed by a short take-home quiz, then a more in-depth technical interview follows. If the technical abilities seem to match, you'll have a final interview with our CEO on-site. Minor deviations from this format may occur under some special circumstances.

    Tech stack

    JavaScript / HTML / CSS, Ruby, Clojure, PostgreSQL, AWS, A variety of data stores


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