Powering 1:1 conversations at scale to support students through college.

Founded 2014
16-50 employees
  • Education
  • Headquarters address
    38 Chauncy St, Boston, MA 02111, USA

    AdmitHub, a Techstars Boston summer 2015 company, is recruiting two full-stack Javascript engineers. Our team currently includes two developers, one designer, a growth hacker, and a former Ivy League admissions officer. Help us with our mission to provide all students free access to expert admissions advising on our website and via text message.

    We are an early stage startup (7 months old) with 10,000 users, 10 college customers, and 3 high school partners. We have a three person technical team, including one of our co-founders.

    About us

    Kirk is a former Princeton, Penn, and Bowdoin admissions officer, and spent the last three years as Director of Member Relations for The Common Application. Drew is an ed tech entrepreneur who previously started and exited Signet Education and a series of free and open education projects. Charlie, our lead dev, is an alum of the MIT Media Lab. Jordan, our lead designer, is the former lead front-end designer for I Heart Radio.

    About AdmitHub

    AdmitHub offers free, expert admissions advising from a community of experts. AdmitHub reaches students via a text message-based chatbot and an industry-supported Q&A forum. The bot also includes a matching algorithm which connects colleges and interested students in a one-to-one text message conversation. Future plans include an integration with College Abacus and FastWeb to help students with financial aid and scholarships.

    College Matching

    Students create public academic profiles using the AdmitHub bot. Those profiles are comprehensive, always anonymous, and contain no student contact information. When a student expresses interest in a particular college, AdmitHub sends the student’s public profile to the college admissions office. If interest is mutual, AdmitHub connects the two to chat one-on-one. Our partner, Georgia State, called us Tinder for college admissions... and we liked it.

    The Business

    Use of the AdmitHub bot will always be free to students. Use of the AdmitHub dashboard will always be free to high school counselors. Our business model requires colleges to pay every time they have a successful match with a student. Colleges also pay for every message they send on the AdmitHub platform.

    Tech stack

    Node, MongoDB, React, Python, Django