Acuant, Inc.

Acuant’s patented credential management solutions automate the intake, processing and verification of unstructured data from a variety of ID documents.

Founded 1999
51-200 employees
  • Information Systems
  • Headquarters address
    6080 Center Dr #850, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA
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    About Us

    Acuant is the leading provider of identity solutions. For more than 15 years (formerly Card Scanning Solutions – CSSN), our patented technologies have been transforming unstructured customer data into useful and insightful information through a technology-driven process that automates intake, increases accuracy and adds value to our partners’ applications.

    Laying the Right Foundations

    At the beginning of virtually every initial customer interaction is the need for information. This is the moment when a connection is made. This is when companies get the key details to know who someone really is and to validate this potential and where foundations are laid. At this point is where intelligence is born and it is the start of everything. This is where Acuant delivers real advantage.

    Building Better Relationships

    Today, Acuant empowers businesses with greater freedom by giving them the opportunity to capture their customers’ identity data using any device including mobile phones and tablets. By making it fast and easy to collect this vital information, one can step out from behind the desk and foster closer connections and stronger customer relationships. Through automated validation, authentication and integrated solutions, information to help maximize ongoing customer data management and optimize performance at every point is available right from the beginning of the process.

    Smart from the start. That’s the Acuant advantage.


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