Invest spare change automatically from everyday purchases into a diversified portfolio.

51-200 employees
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19900 MacArthur Blvd #400, Irvine, CA 92612, USA


Founded in 2012, Acorns evolved from the simple idea: From acorns mighty oaks do grow, according to CEO Jeffrey Cruttenden. During his time in college, Cruttenden realized that many of his peers wanted to be involved in the markets, but they lacked either investment knowledge, enough capital for minimum balances, or an understanding of risks associated with equities in which they might invest.

About Us

Acorns is the first company to offer micro investing to the world. The proprietary financial engine allows customers to roundup spare change from everyday purchases and invest these sub-dollar amounts into a professionally managed portfolio of index funds. Simply connect any credit or debit card and a checking account, then spend money like you normally do to watch your portfolio grow with the market. It's easy to get started when you can invest any amount, any time with no commissions or minimums.

How It Works

Acorns is a financial service that helps you invest your money. We enable you to start early, invest often, and feel secure about your financial future. Acorns helps you proactively invest. We round up each of your transactions to the nearest dollar, and invest the change into a diversified portfolio. Simply connect a credit card, or debit card and a checking account, and tell us about yourself. We‘ll automatically recommend a stock portfolio based on information like your age, time horizon, investment goals and the amount of risk you’re comfortable taking. Acorns offers a personalized investment portfolio, no account minimums, no commissions, and fractional investing—all in an app that makes it easy to fund your investment account.


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Acorns - Company Photo
Acorns - Company Photo