83bar, LLC

We bring patients in need to practices that care. With ads, quizzes, calls, and txts, we turn 6 second attention spans into life-changing healthcare appointments.

Founded 2013
1-15 employees
  • Health Care Technology & Nursing
  • Headquarters address
    3721 Executive Center Drive #160, Austin, TX 78731, USA

    It was another phone call. After building his last health company to $20 million in revenue, Bob was getting pinged constantly by other health execs. They wanted to know his growth secrets. How could online ads fill offline clinics?

    It's complicated, he'd say. And it is. Incredibly so. Healthcare isn't exactly digital. And consumers aren't exactly punctual. Half of booked appointments never even show. The road to this point wasn't straight and narrow. It was windy and filled with death traps. Doing online to offline conversion is really hard. And the health space isn't forgiving.

    These conversations always led to a single question: "Can you help us with this?" Well, maybe, he would think. Eventually, maybe became yes and 83bar was born.

    What's 83bar? It's the maximum pressure of a firehose at full blast. We run at full steam, and all of our clients appreciate that about us.

    They know they couldn't manage running hundreds of daily ad iterations to maximize lead volume. They know that they could never handle a 24/7 distributed nurse call center to respond to those leads within 15 seconds. And they know that even if they COULD do those two incredibly hard, disparate tasks that it wouldn't matter because half of booked appointments never even show. Without clever creative, convincing calls, AND complex text message chains post-booking to ensure attendance, the rest is just activity. We put all of that together under one roof. Fully integrated. Full steam ahead.

    We like to say that we're "doing well and doing good." Every new patient we send to the PreDiabetes Centers gains an average of 7.5 years of life. The patients we send to Arthrokinex Joint Health write us on Facebook to say, "This changed my life." It's meaningful work and it's challenging, every single day.

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    PHP, Android, MySQL, Less


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