Who are Talent Advocates?

Your Hired Talent Advocate is a personal knowledge resource as you go through the Hired platform/navigate your job search. Basically, they are a great resource for setting you up for success on the platform so that you can find an awesome opportunity. finding an awesome opportunity.

How Can Talent Advocates Help?

  • They’ve worked with thousands of candidates, so they are well aware of the pains of a job search experience.
  • Experienced in navigating the technology job market, they have great guidance on how to interview, what to prepare for, and how to negotiate.
  • Give you insight into interesting companies in your local market and what might be a perfect fit for your particular set of skills & interests.
  • Help polish your Hired profile, which can lead to better requests  from more companies.
  • We have TAs around the globe! Most likely you are assigned a Talent Advocate who is a local job expert in your desired job location.

How is a Talent Advocate different than a Recruiter?

  • Talent Advocates are NOT paid on commission and they do not work for the potential employers
  • They are evaluated solely based on Net Promoter Score, or a rating of how happy you are with your experience on Hired
  • They will never push you to take one offer over another or a specific company.  If the best job offer for you isn’t coming from Hired, they’ll tell you that.
  • They will check-in with you when appropriate to see how your opportunities are progressing on a timeline best for you
  • Always available for you to ask job seeking/career advice or to voice concerns.
  • Hired is a one of a kind marketplace; they are available to clarify any questions you may have about the process or platform