A Winning Sales Summary

Summaries are an opportunity to tell employers more about yourself outside of the constraints of a resume. Have some fun with it, and let your personality shine through. The more detailed you are, the more targeted your interview requests will be. Here are some ideas of areas that employers are interested in reading about: Background on your current company and its product
  • How many people work at your company?
  • What is the funding status of your company?
  • What is the product/service?
  • What industry does it service?
  • What price range does the product sell for? (Min, max, average)
  • Who are your top 5 clients?
Describe your sales cycle
  • Do you have a geographic territory or designated set of clients?
  • If you have a territory, please describe it? What is your territory?
  • Typically, what size company do you sell into?
  • What department and level of the organization are you selling into?
  • How do you get your leads?
  • What tools/resources do you use to get deals done?
  • What are the client’s pain points?
  • What is the length of your sales cycle?
Describe your biggest win and loss
  • What has been your biggest win in your most recent role?
    • Describe your process for pursuing this deal.
  • Describe a deal that did not work out in your favor.
    • What did you learn from that deal and how have you applied that?
What’s next for you?
  • What kind of career growth are you looking for?
  • What's your ideal next role?
  • What's your ideal sized company?
Good luck!