Receiving Interview Requests

What is an interview request?

  • They are messages from employers using Hired who are interested in interviewing you.
  • They include information about the company, upfront non-binding comp/equity information, and a personalized pitch from the company about their opportunity and perks.
  • You can click through to the company’s profile page to learn more about them

How will I receive my interview requests?

Expect an email from Hired with the details.

I just received a request, what should I do?

You should respond as soon as possible.  After clicking from the email you receive, you'll have two options:

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 10.50.40 PM Choose “Respond to Hired” if you’d like to start a conversation with the company.  This is not saying yes to a job offer, but rather just an introductory conversation  The initial request is non-binding and can still be negotiated at a later date. If you are interested in interviewing with this company, it is best to accept and include any questions you have in your response. Choose “Reject” if you feel like the company is not a fit for you.  If you're not interested, it allows that company to move on and search out people that are -- so don’t be afraid to say no to an offer that does not interest you.

Accepting or declining an interview request does not prevent you from receiving additional interview requests later in the week. In fact, you can interview with as many companies as you would like!

I like the company but the salary is too low, what should I do?

If the salary is in the right ballpark (within 20%) and the company is of honest interest to you, go ahead and accept the request. Interview requests are non-binding and can be negotiated before a final paper offer is presented. If it's clear that the company is not meeting your compensation requirements, "request a revision" and the company will consider whether to re-work your request or pursue other candidates.

How quickly should I respond to employers?

If you receive an interview request from a company that you like, you should accept immediately. Accepting only means that you will start the formal interview process with the company. It also works to your advantage to respond as quickly as possible as they will most likely be reaching out to other candidates on and off Hired so it’s best to get the interview process started as early as you can.

You can still consider other opportunities as they come up during the week.

Employers move quickly in their interview process; It's best to respond to inquiries from companies within 48 hours of receiving them.

Do I have a formal offer if I accept an interview request? No. You'll still go through a normal interview process where you will learn more about the company and if they are actually a fit for you. If I accept an interview request, will I still be visible to employers in the current batch ? Yes! Your profile is visible for the entirety of the auction regardless of how many interviews you accept. An interview request is non-binding and only indicates your mutual interest in the company.

If I decline to interview but change my mind, how do I re-engage with the company?

If you declined an offer and realize it was a mistake, you can go back into the offers tab and accept the offer. Also let your Talent Advocate know it was a mistake so they can notify the employer as well.