How to Earn Referral Bonuses

Inviting your friends to Hired is a great way to help your friends get jobs, and to help yourself at the same time! It’s super easy, just refer a friend through -- and if they get a job, you will receive a special reward!

How will I know if my friend signed up?

You’ll get an email notification from us if someone uses your referral link.

What if my friend doesn’t get a job?

Sorry! Wish we could help, but there’s nothing we can do.

How will I know if my friend got a job?

We’ll reach out with your bonus! If not, assume no one you referred was Hired, or that you forgot to use your referral link. Don’t forget to use your referral link or else we don’t have a record and can not give you the bonus, which disappoints everyone.

If you are sure a friend was hired and you haven’t heard anything, feel free to contact your Talent Advocate or Support.

Are there ever special referral bonuses? :)

Yes! Keep checking & your email for limited edition promotions!

Does anything happen if my friend gets approved?

Sometimes -- usually if we’re running a special promotion, or if we give you a special link.

When do I receive my referral bonus?

We will send you the referral bonus within a few weeks after the person you referred gets Hired.

If you have any additional questions about referral bonuses, don’t be afraid to reach out to your Talent Advocate.