The Hired Brand Gets a Refresh

Over the past year, the Hired team has been hard at work thinking about how we represent ourselves to the world. It’s been a long and sometimes challenging process, but this week we are excited to launch our brand refresh. We feel that this new look and feel better aligns with who we are as a company and our mission to get everyone a job they love.

We wanted to give you the inside scoop on the process behind our brand refresh, so we sat down with two people who have been intimately involved from start to finish: Hired’s VP of Marketing, Rick Silvestrini, and Director of Design, David Sasda.

So what inspired the brand refresh? What are we trying to convey to candidates, companies and the wider public?

Rick Silvestrini: Ultimately, we wanted to better reflect, first and foremost the passion that we have for our community, both our clients and candidates, and our mission to get everyone a job they love. As we did a lot of customer discovery on both sides of the job process, we learned that people actually get a ton of joy out of this when it’s done right. When you actually find the right fit and connect with a company that you believe in and provides a great growth opportunity for you, it’s like you just turn on. Hopefully we all get to have that experience, where we get a new job and it’s like walking into a great world of opportunity, and it’s like the lights come on. So we wanted to do that for the Hired look and feel, because ultimately that’s the experience we want everyone to have. That passionate, engaged, hopeful connection to each person and each company’s future.

David Sasda: Echoing that sentiment, I think a big part of why we did this was to define exactly what we do in a very concise way. Previously, I think we had many definitions and perspectives of what we do, but I think that really honing our message and the core values of our brand and really defining that category that we belong in and where we belong in the space.

Previously, Hired’s website and ads used cooler tones like greens and blues. In the brand refresh the color red is pretty prominently featured. What does the red represent?

DS: Red represents love, passion, energy. It really resonated with the entire company when we shared it. People really gravitated towards the red during the whole conception stage and it’s actually been an idea that has been floating around internally for a number of years.

Red is bold. It’s risky. But it’s also very emotional, it really evokes that feeling of love that is the challenge we are trying to tackle as a company. Finding everyone a job that they love.

RS: We kept coming back over and over again to that word passion. And really, there’s nothing that evokes that feeling of passion more than the color red.

Not only does our brand refresh look different, but the way we speak seems different too. Our voice seems more passionate, direct and even assertive. How does our new brand voice represent our aspirations as a product and a service?

RS: Internally at Hired, we have this concept that’s really important to us that we call ‘real talk.’ ‘Real talk’ is when you sit down face-to-face with a colleague and have a direct, sometimes tough discussion. It’s a degree of honesty and openness that leads to better outcomes. There’s a lot of jargon-y talk in the job search and recruitment space. There’s a lot of corporate-sounding noise. And we want to always keep that sense of honesty and directness with our clients and our candidates. Our brand voice is intended to be that of a trusted advisor.

DS: That also reflects in the product itself, that honesty, that transparency of potential employers putting salary, benefits, equity all upfront. This ultimately cuts down the interview time for both candidates and clients because everything is out in the open from the very beginning. So that kind of real talk is reflected in the product, and definitely reflects in our brand and our culture.

RS: You’ve seen this in the way we communicate all along. In our reports like the State of Salaries, Women, Work and the State of Wage Inequality, to our internal diversity, equity and inclusion data, we are starting from a place of honesty and realness. Ultimately, we believe that is the only way you can have a true conversation with people, and it’s the best possible way to build trust.

If our brand was a person, who would they be? What personality traits would they have and what adjectives would you use to describe them?

RS: I actually don’t think of our brand as just one person, but as a lot of people. It’s the men and women that work at Hired, who come to work every day passionate about getting everyone a job they love. So we try to reflect with our voice and our visuals, literally the people we sit next to and work with on a daily basis. That’s probably been the most inspiring thing for me about coming to work at Hired, and about being part of this process, because the inclination hasn’t been to find a celebrity who we think is cool or who we want to sound like. Instead we have tried to reflect the inspirational individuals who sit across the office from us.

In fact, all of the new photography on our website features  either Hired employees, people who have found work through Hired, or clients who have found great talent to help forward their company’s mission.

What can you tell us about the brand refresh process? What were some key learnings?

DS: It was an incredible amount of collaboration. Starting at the very beginning, we sat with a lot of the key stakeholders within Hired, everyone from the executive level all the way to the individual contributor level. Everyone pitched their ideas and their perspective and we took all those ingredients and made it the recipe for who we are. Once we defined the story we were trying to tell and the brand characteristics, we dove into the design working with an agency Moving Brands. They providing some really excellent concepts and did an amazing job of tapping into the perspectives, insights, and creative voices from across our company throughout the design process.

Of course, it was quite a rollercoaster and we definitely hit some challenges along the way, but in the end we created something that we absolutely love.

RS: I’m really proud of the process and how inclusive it was both within the company and utilizing external agency partners in a really thoughtful way. It started early this year with a broad discovery process, not only listening to our key internal stakeholders, but also our clients and candidates. We worked with another external strategy agency called Play Bigger to help us refine our initial strategy. They were fantastic to work with and helped us dig into the nuances of our strategy and approach. We then worked with Moving Brands to refine our visual and brand language.

Every step of the process, we followed the same pattern of discover, validate with external partners, then bring it back into Hired and iterate. Rinse and repeat. I can’t stress the importance of going outside the four walls of your office for advice from smart people who have been here and done this before. It wasn’t an easy process by any means, there was a lot of discussion and sometimes disagreement. It’s sort of like trying on a whole new wardrobe. It’s a little uncomfortable at first, you have take some time to get used to it. You find the things that work, you take the things that ultimately aren’t authentic to who you are as a brand and you leave them to the side. You keep refining, refining, refining until the very last minute when you have to show the new version of yourself to the world. And the process doesn’t just stop, it keeps moving and evolving as the business grows and changes over the coming months and years.

If you haven’t already, take some time to dig into our new website and experience our brand refresh for yourself. Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments section below, or shoot us an email at

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