What Happens After My Batch?

You’ll now begin the interview process. It takes on average 10-15 business days for an initial interview request on Hired to turn into a final paper offer -- so make sure you use those interview times effectively.

Check out our insights on the following stages of an interview:

Can I participate in an another batch once the current one ends?

Our marketplace activity does fluctuate week over week and employer’s needs change over time.  If you were not successful in finding your perfect fit the first time around, reach out to your Talent Advocate. It’s best to wait to join another batch until you are no longer actively talking to several companies on Hired.

I accepted a final offer with a company through Hired, now what? Congrats! Once you've accepted an offer, it's critical to let everybody know and to terminate your processes with any other companies you’ve been interviewing with. Your talent advocate will then kick off the process of getting you your Hired bonus. Do not under any circumstances sign an offer if you plan on continuing to interview, hoping for something better.

The tech ecosystem is small, and rescinding on a signed paper offer will have lasting consequences. Recruiters, hiring managers, and engineers move around between companies - and it’s likely you will run into the same people later on.

It’s perfectly OK to tell employers that you need a week to decide, or that you want to see your other interview processes through to the finish line so that you can be sure you’ve made the absolute best possible decision.