Partner Spotlight: Sista Circle: Black Women in Tech

Sista Circle:BWiT is a solidarity group dedicated to supporting the work of Black Women in the technology industry from across the Diaspora. We spoke with Creative Director, Isabel Céspedes. 

Welcome to the Spotlight, please introduce yourself and your organization. 

Hello, I’m Isabel Céspede, Creative Director at Sista Circle Black Women in Tech. Established in April 2017, Sista Circle: BWiT is rooted in the deep history of fellowship groups of Black women in the United States.  These groups are a part of the foundation of Black American culture, especially during the Civil Rights Movement, and provided safe spaces for Black women to discuss and organize around issues facing their communities. Sista Circle draws inspiration from these groups using technology and social media to create connections with Black women on a global scale.

How did Sista Circle: BWiT come to exist?

Sista Circle started from social media call to action and a deep desire to connect with other Black Women who were also experiencing the isolation, microaggressions and frustration that is all too often under-recognized and unchecked in tech offices. Founded by Alexandria Butler in 2017 with a simple starting point of “what happens if we just start hosting each other for breakfast?” and expanding to “what happens if we host a big Black family meal?” with all points being centered around reflecting the diverse experiences, aesthetics, tastes and culture  of Black women throughout history, Sista Circle has grown into a global network that partners with companies to do far beyond a simple meal and a deep conversation. 

And how did your organization come to work with Hired?

Currently our community hosts over 8k Black women, many of whom are thought leaders in their industry and all of whom are phenomenal in their own ways. We are home to an incredible wealth of talent and knowledge and partnering with Hired felt like a direct alignment with our ongoing commitment to foster opportunities for Black women to have their seat at the table. 

Any upcoming events we should be on the lookout for?

2021 continues to be a year of internal work and change with virtual programming continuing on a monthly basis for members of our internal community. Join us on LinkedIn or Facebook if you’re interested in being a part of Sista Circle: BWiT! 

Thanks again for taking the time to chat with Hired, we’re very glad to be working with Sista Circle: BWiT!

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