Partner Spotlight - Geekhunter - JP Schneider

Hired Partner, Geekhunter: Brazil's Leading Programmer & Developer Marketplace

GeekHunter is providing thousands of opportunities to jobseekers while sustaining a network of connections between people in tech and diverse companies around the world.

GeekHunter exists to ensure that the largest technology initiatives can count on a skilled workforce to its execution. Developers are able to find opportunities that connect with their ideals, promoting a perfect match with the best companies.

Welcome to our spotlight series! Let’s kick things off with a bit about you.

Hello there! My name is JP Schneider and I’m the New Ventures Associate here at GeekHunter’s International Squad. Similar to Hired, GeekHunter matches the best people with incredible opportunities at companies that are growing fast and ultimately – changing people’s lives. 

For the past six years we’ve helped software engineers get hired at companies like Amazon, Accenture, IBM, Growth Hackers, BTG, Ambev, and Mercado Livre. We are now expanding our operations internationally to help companies all over the world get the best tech talents in Latam.

Tell us more about the company’s origin. Was there a specific moment that inspired the start of GeekHunter? 

GeekHunter was created by twin brothers, Tomás & Celso, back in 2015. During their years together at an exchange study abroad program at UCLA they noticed a growing pain in the tech industry – getting an adequate amount of highly qualified professionals in the door. With this problem top of mind, the brothers went on to work for a few tech companies before deciding it was time to take on this challenge. Following that decision, GeekHunter was born. 

The goal since GeekHunter’s launch in 2015 was to change people’s lives for the better and this mission has driven our team every day since. We always put the candidate’s experience in the center, striving for transparency and enabling next career steps.

At GeekHunter, we are able to facilitate connections between qualified people and world-changing companies which then provides us with visibility into what matters most – the impact of a great career where an individual can create products and solutions to ultimately improve the way in which we access the world. 

We love the people-first approach, very aligned with how Hired operates. On that note, tell us more about what made you want to partner with Hired. 

Most companies use the standard tools for their hiring process – waiting for candidates to apply to open positions. The problem here is that this takes too much time and limits the pool to only the candidates that are putting themselves out there. At GeekHunter, we know that companies who proactively go after the best talent end up with better results, and we know that Hired has approached recruiting with a similar mindset. 

How does the partnership work?

We partner with Hired to create more opportunities for people that come from different backgrounds. This collaboration provides opportunities for Latin American tech talents to connect with companies in the US and, with Hired’s assistance, the rest of the world. It also gives incredible and talented people more opportunities than we could do on our own. There is a great alignment between Hired’s and GeekHunter’s missions to reduce bias and create new connections and we are thrilled to be partnering.

Any Hired client looking to connect with GeekHunter jobseekers can do so, without extra charge, through the Hired marketplace. For those looking for assistance, you can reach out to your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to get started. 

We hope that this partnership allows for North American companies who want to hire abroad to see that bringing on Latam (and especially Brazilian) jobseekers has great advantages compared to other regions of the world. Most obviously, the time zone overlap works across multiple regions. You have at least 5h+ of overlap depending on the time of the year. Maybe less obviously is that the exchange rate favors companies to get qualified professionals for a lower rate compared to the US market while still offering a salary to an individual overseas that they would not have been able to earn otherwise.

Thank you for sharing, our network will definitely enjoy learning more about how we build great connections together. Anything we should be on the lookout for or upcoming events you’d like to promote? 

We are creating a ton of content to help jobseekers in Latin America know what they need to do to start their international careers and highly recommend joining our Discord community to receive the latest updates! 

JP, thank you for sitting down with us, it was a pleasure chatting about GeekHunter!

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