Partner Spotlight: Exponent

Exponent is the interview preparation platform for everyone in tech. We spoke with Stephen Cognetta, one Exponent’s Co-Founders. 

Welcome to the Spotlight, would you mind introducing yourself and Exponent?

Hey! I’m Stephen, and I co-founded Exponent. Exponent helps people with our online interview prep courses, our hundreds of mock interview videos, our peer-to-peer mock interview platform, and our interview question database. We’re incredibly excited to help unlock people’s true potential to land their dream careers. 

How did your organization come to exist?

When my co-founder Jacob and I founded Exponent, we remember how grueling and challenging the interview process to tech companies was. But, even more than that, we remember how opaque and unclear the interview preparation process was. How were we supposed to prepare? What were key concepts to learn? Who could we practice with? 

We remember this being an intimidation factor to getting into tech, and without the right kinds of support and mentors, I know we wouldn’t have been successful in landing our dream jobs. We built Exponent to change that and make interviewing a supportive learning journey for candidates.

Tell us more about your organization’s partnership with Hired. 

We help connect people in our community to the awesome set of companies hiring with Hired! We’re excited to help people land their dream careers, and we’re excited about the ability for our students to get access to more awesome companies. Additionally, Hired candidates are able to utilize Exponent at a reduced rate to assist with their interviewing processes.

Thank you for sharing all of that! Anything we should be on the lookout for?

Would love to see friends come try out our practice mock interviews at every day. In addition to the original 6PM PT slot, now you can get matched to a mock interview partner at 8AM PT.

Mock interviews are crucial in your interview prep, and we hope this will provide opportunities for folks in different timezones like IST (8:30 PM in India), CET (5PM in Europe) to find practice partners on-demand.