March Feature Spotlight: Market Salary Data and Jobvite Integration

We have a few great updates for you in this month’s Feature Spotlight. Both are enhancements to existing features that customers already love, so if you haven’t used them yet, be sure to log in to Hired to check them out.

Market Salaries Role Expansion

Use real, comparable salary data from 300,000 offers on Hired to make informed decisions about salary offers. Previously, we only offered this data for Software Engineering positions, but we’ve now expanded to cover Data Analytics, Product Management, Design, DevOps, and Quality Assurance positions as well.


After you send an interview request, we look at real data for comparable positions across Hired and show you market salary ranges based on location, years of experience, and role type. Hired subscription customers can find this data in the Analytics report section of Hired. Learn more about this and other features launched for subscription customers last year.

We integrate with Jobvite!

Is Jobvite your company’s applicant tracking system? Consider setting up an integration with Hired so you can source, collaborate with your team, and hire top tech talent even faster. Jobvite is the newest of four ATS that Hired supports, including Greenhouse, Workable, and Lever.

Integrating your ATS, including Jobvite, with Hired means you can pull in job requests directly from your ATS so you don’t have to recreate them on Hired. Using the same job reqs will make them more easily recognizable to team members so you can ensure enhanced productivity.


You’ll also be able to automatically add candidates from Hired to your ATS. When you reach out to candidates and they respond, we automatically push their profile to the according job req in your ATS so you can track candidates from there. Finally, you can make decisions on a candidate and the status will also be reflected on Hired for seamless tracking across both platforms.

For more about integrating with Jobvite, other other supported ATS, speak with your account manager today.