Launching Hired Flex & Self Service: Giving Companies Unprecedented Hiring Flexibility

Recognizing that a company’s hiring funnel is just as important as their revenue funnel holds true regardless of company size. As a career marketplace with over 10,000 companies on our platform, we know that hiring is even more critical to growing businesses that are focused on reaching their next milestone.  Since great people are the foundation of every successful company, a single empty seat in a team of 10, 30 or 100 can be infinitely more costly to an organization. 

In 2018, we announced our subscription offering; we partnered with customers like Dropbox, Fitbit and to deliver the hiring predictability they need to hire quality candidates, reducing the cost of an empty seat and offering a better way to measure the financial success of their hiring efforts. In 2019, we doubled down on delivering hiring predictability to innovative companies with an acquisition that transformed the job search and hiring experience for both companies and job seekers. 

Delivering Flexibility for Tech Hiring in a Fast Pace World

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of Hired Flex, a new offering giving high growth companies affordable access to top candidates for tech roles with no upfront payment. For startups operating with under 30 employees, Hired is now offering Self Service, which allows recruiters and hiring managers to get immediate access to Hired’s marketplace without formal onboarding. 

Hired rigorously vets every candidate before they are accepted to the platform, verifying their skills and career goals to ensure they are actively seeking a new role. This results in a marketplace of high-intent candidates with a 90 percent response rate and 60 percent of  candidates accepting an interview, thus saving employers an average of 45 sourcing hours per role filled. 

Hired Flex and Self Service provide the following benefits: 

  • Frictionless Onboarding: Sign up and start viewing candidate profiles and sending interview requests immediately
  • Hyper-efficient Hiring: Hired AI instantly identifies the best candidate fit for each role based on their skills and career goals, most candidates respond within 24 hours and hires are made within 25 days
  • Assessed Talent: Candidates evaluated through programming skills assessments gives employers a signal for a skills match early on in the recruiting process 
  • Increased Flexibility: Month-to-month plans provide access to Hired’s platform without an annual commitment 
  • Subscription Predictability: Consistent, on-demand access to high-intent candidates where 90 percent respond to interview requests and 60 percent accept interviews

Not only does Hired Flex make our platform accessible to growing business, it also delivers diverse career opportunities for candidates of all stages to ensure everyone can find a job they love on Hired. 

Our commitment to delivering a hiring experience that is predictive, data driven and candidate centric  does not stop here. With over 8B in offers transacted through our marketplace since inception, we will continue to invest in powering companies through world-class hiring. 

To start hiring on Hired, click here. For more general information, visit our