HireSweet brings transparency and efficiency to jobseekers and customers while based in France

Hired Partner, HireSweet: Bringing Transparency & Efficiency to Clients & Jobseekers

France’s weekly selection of top tech talent is coming to Hired thanks to our new partnership with HireSweet, a tech talent marketplace committed to bringing transparency and efficiency for clients and jobseekers alike.

HireSweet is a talent marketplace based in France helping companies attract top tech talent. Through powerful algorithms that take care of sourcing and matching, and a focus on transparency and fairness, HireSweet personalizes hiring.

Welcome to our spotlight series! Please introduce yourself and your organization. 

I’m Robin Choy, CEO and co-founder at HireSweet, which we created in 2016. 

HireSweet helps companies meet more qualified candidates. We have two products: 

  1. HireSweet Marketplace, a talent marketplace, focused on engineering roles. Our Talent Acquisition team of 10 people selects ~150 new active candidates per week, available to our clients every Monday.
  2. HireSweet CRM, a Talent Acquisition CRM that helps recruiting teams be more efficient in prospecting by providing organization, efficacy, and predictability. We use this tool ourselves for our teams, so we’re the first users of our product. 

Wow! A Talent Marketplace and CRM? Tell us more…

When it comes to HireSweet CRM, you can think of the tool as a “pre-ATS” piece of tech. We’re not looking to come in and replace the ATS that a company has put in place to stay organized, but rather to augment the experience by organizing the candidates that engaged with you in the past to determine who could be the right person – and if they’re likely to reply again – this time around. 

As for the Marketplace, our team actually uses HireSweet CRM to find new tech talent to feature on HireSweet Marketplace and nurture existing relationships. From there, our team offers a totally managed service with our expert sourcing team taking care of outreach and speaking directly to all candidates.

 Makes sense! How did HireSweet come to exist in the first place?

My co-founders Ismael, Paul, and I created HireSweet in 2016 – originally as an assessment product for companies hiring software engineers. Through this we discovered the world of recruiting and saw that while it was quite sufficient  there was an overall lack of transparency.

Pretty soon we also understood the biggest pain for companies was not actually the assessment aspect of hiring but finding candidates and engaging them in an initial conversation. That’s how we decided to pivot and focus on sourcing, hence our mission: help companies meet more qualified candidates. 

Excellent mission! Tell us more about your organization’s partnership with Hired. 

What’s funny is that we were originally competitors with Hired on our Marketplace model back in 2016 when Hired operated in France too. We’ve always super admired Hired’s product and their special care for quality content.

So when Hired reached out to offer a partnership that would be beneficial for our talent pool, we agreed immediately. See, while we have customers of HireSweet CRM all over the world, HireSweet Marketplace is focused solely on France and we have very few customers or candidates abroad. The partnership is simple: when someone in our Talent Pool searches for a job abroad where we can’t help, we’ll refer them to Hired and know they will be in good hands. 

Any Hired client looking to connect with HireSweet jobseekers can do so, without extra charge, through the Hired marketplace. For those looking for assistance, you can reach out to your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to get started. 

Interesting! What are some initiatives that your organization is currently working on?

The pandemic, and more recently the shifting economic status of the world, has taught us to be ready for change at any time. To navigate and ultimately lead our customers and candidates through these changes, we’re working on a few initiatives to lend our support.

In addition to launching more partnerships (like this one with Hired), we’re also expanding internationally to broader Europe and the United States while also opening up our marketplace to new roles.

Thank you for sharing all of that, our network will definitely enjoy learning more about HireSweet. Anything we should be on the lookout for? 

Absolutely – I am a podcaster on the side, with a specific focus on Talent Acquisition. My podcast is called A-Players and I’m on a mission to collect advice and battle-tested recipes from the best Talent Acquisition leaders in the world. Frankly the line-up is impressive, so always be on the lookout for a new episode! 

Love that! Thanks for sitting down with us, Robin, we are very glad to be partnering with HireSweet.

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