Hired's Winter 2023 Product Releases Roundup

Hired's Winter 2023 Product Releases Roundup

The Latest Features on the Hired Marketplace

2023 is off to a strong start for the Hired platform, thanks to the hard work of the Engineering team! This Winter, they introduced new features and enhancements to improve both the job search and the hiring process. Check out the latest updates supporting employers and jobseekers on the platform!

  1. Hired now integrates with Teamtailor
  2. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integration enhancements 
  3. Enhanced first interview scheduling
  4. New technical assessment search filters to preview candidates’ abilities

1. Hired and Teamtailor unite 

Along with Greenhouse, Lever, Workable, and Workday, Teamtailor is now officially an ATS partner of Hired. What’s the benefit of integrating if you use these applicant tracking systems? You simplify your interview process tracking and keep your current workflows (keep reading for new ATS integration enhancements that benefit employers too)! 

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Follow these steps to integrate Teamtailor today.

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2. Deeper ATS integrations

Good things come in pairs — like our double ATS integration updates. We recently launched these two major enhancements.

Speed up your hiring workflow with ATS data matching 

Speed up your hiring workflow with ATS data matching 

Once enabled, employers will see a new badge on candidate profiles if the candidate already exists in their ATS system (no more manual checking!).

From the expanded profile, you will find a new ‘ATS profile’ box above the Interview Request (IVR) form. Here, see the last time you updated the candidate in your ATS and the option to go directly to the candidate’s ATS profile. 

Pro tip: 

You can contact candidates already in your ATS. In fact, we highly recommend messaging a candidate through Hired to increase your likelihood of an interview acceptance. Hired will not create a duplicate of this candidate. Instead, all actions will be tied to the candidate’s existing ATS profile.

More Efficient Communication! Integrate your Hired workflow with ATS messaging

Employers asked and we delivered — ATS messaging, that is! When employers message a candidate on Hired, it will now surface in their ATS. Once enabled, see all messages from Hired to the candidate directly in your ATS. Respond to candidates in Hired and those messages will show up on the candidate’s ATS profile too!

Note: This feature is currently available for Greenhouse and Workable users. 

3. Streamlined first interview scheduling

Scheduling the first interview directly through Hired is now easier than ever for employers and jobseekers. This update speeds up the time to the first interview and increases the chances a jobseeker will select an interview time by 2.5X.

We simplified scheduling so employers can:

  • Share availability even after IVR is sent 
  • Find mutual time faster
  • Enable candidates to schedule time right after accepting an IVR
  • Request candidates to update their calendar

Hired will even remind employers to update their availability when sending IVR! Get started and sync your scheduled interviews with third-party calendars.

Streamlined first interview scheduling

4. Advanced filter for assessed candidates

High-intent candidates who earn technical assessment badges are 3X as likely to get hired! Hired’s new advanced search filter allows employers to search for candidates who passed one or more specific assessments. And by specific, we mean candidate skills aligned with your needs and the job role. Don’t surface candidates with just any skills badge. This update adds next-level granularity to your search. 

Here’s what employers can filter for currently (more options coming soon!):

  • Programming Skills
  • Full Stack
  • Back-End
  • Front-End
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Debugging
  • DevOps Generalist
  • DevOps AWS

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Advanced filter for assessed candidates

Hired works to improve the customer and jobseeker experience with new Winter product releases

Keep up with the latest Winter product releases and more by visiting the Hired Release Notes page! Interested in joining the Product or Engineering team and supporting our mission to make hiring more equitable, efficient, and transparent? Check out our Careers page!

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