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Hired’s iOS app: A job hunting companion -- in your back pocket

Finding your next job opportunity shouldn’t be a full-time job. On Hired, employers apply to you, and you’re in control of the process. To help you manage your busy schedule, our newly updated iOS mobile app makes it fast and easy to manage your interviews, offers, and employer communications in a discreet way.

Here are some key tasks you can manage on the go with our mobile app:

Evaluate interview requests

  • Learn more about the employers that reach out to you
  • Accept or decline interviews
  • Track your progress with each prospective employer

Streamline scheduling and communication with prospective employers

  • Keep track of all your interviews in the Hired calendar, so that interested employers know when you are available. You also have the option to sync this to your Google calendar.
  • Respond to inquiries from employers

Leverage Hired’s data and your personal Talent Advocate to help you ace your interviews and negotiate more effectively

  • Every candidate on the Hired platform is assigned a Talent Advocate to make the hiring process as smooth as possible. Your Talent Advocate can share the data about how to best prepare for the interview and negotiate your compensation, based on thousands of job seekers and companies we have matched.
  • When you update your interview progress in the app, your Talent Advocate can put together the right resources for you at the right time, including interview prep materials and objective salary data to help you negotiate like a pro.

We know you’re busy, and our new app is part of our continued effort to help everyone get a job that they love — from the palm of their hand.

Download the app here.