Hired’s Marketplace Begins in Seattle with Amazon, Moz, Redfin, & Local Startups!

Hired’s Marketplace Begins in Seattle with Amazon, Moz, Redfin, & Local Startups!


Seattle may be best known for Starbucks, the Space Needle, and 200 days a year of grey skies the 2014 Super Bowl champion Seahawks, but what really drives the city is its robust and progressive tech scene. Home of behemoths Microsoft and Amazon, and serving as an important outpost for well-known companies like Facebook, Salesforce, Google, and Adobe, the Emerald City has become one of the country’s most important hubs for technological innovation. With a steady supply of top talent from the prestigious University of Washington, great quality of life, and reasonable cost of living—especially compared to other prominent tech cities—it’s easy to see why these companies, and their employees, want to be here. The rapid pace of growth in the city has created an unprecedented demand for employees with technical skills. Companies struggling to identify and attract new employees resort to passive job listings or paying for expensive recruiters—headhunters who are incentivized to make a match, not the right match. We thought there should be a better way for great companies to find great job candidates, and that’s why we created Hired—the marketplace for world’s knowledge workers.

How does Hired work?

At the core of Hired’s marketplace is the one-week “batch.” Every Monday, a new batch of candidates is added to the marketplace for a seven-day period. Each candidate has been individually screened by our internal Curation Team to ensure they have the skillset and experience desired by Hired’s employers. Companies can filter for the skillset they’re looking for (for example, ruby engineers or UX/UI designers), ask the candidates questions, and ultimately make the candidate an introductory offer. An introductory offer is a non-binding proposal to the candidate that conveys the intent to enter serious conversations and provides a starting point for compensation negotiations.

Candidates love Hired because we bring them a simple and transparent process to streamline their job hunt. We assign each candidate with an internal Talent Advocate to ensure that the process proceeds smoothly and each candidate’s goals and desires are understood and met. Talent Advocates are not commissioned recruiters: they’re judged on a customer satisfaction metric determined by their candidates, aligning their incentives with Hired’s users. And once a job is filled through Hired, the candidate receives a $2,000 “thank you” bonus on top of their new compensation.

Next stop, Seattle

We’re very excited to bring the Hired experience to Seattle and we’re working day and night to ensure that companies and job seekers have the same amazing experience that we’ve been able to deliver to other cities across the country. Our first batch in Seattle started this week with a strong and diverse pool of Seattle-based engineers. With top-tier employers like Amazon, Moz, Redfin, and a ton of great startups hungry to expand, we’re primed to make a positive and lasting impact in the Seattle tech community.

If you’re a growing company in Seattle we’d love to help you find great new employees. Sign-up here to learn more!