Hired NY expands into the NJ tech scene

Hired NY expands into the NJ tech scene


The New York City metropolitan region is one of the largest and most important economic regions in the world. To support this, Hired NY is growing — and is now accepting applicants from the neighborhoods and states that our talent & companies call home.

Up first: our neighbor across the Hudson, New Jersey.

New Jersey is a great alternative to living in NYC. It is equally accessible to Midtown and Downtown Manhattan as many parts of Brooklyn, and and offers a significantly more affordable lifestyle for twenty-somethings and families alike (think ~ $500/month in rent for your own room with roommates). It is also home to established institutions like Goldman Sachs, Barclays, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and has its own local startup communities thanks to meetups like the NJ Tech Meetup & NJConnect, and local universities like Rutgers, Princeton & Stevens.

Starting this week, we’re letting in top New Jersey engineers, designers, data scientists & engineering managers, and tech startups from vibrant NJ tech scene. A few examples:

  • Quidsi —  a Jersey City-based e-commerce site for parents, acquired by Amazon for $545M

  • DealerX — an Edgewater-based Ad-tech startup for the automotive niche

  • Vydia — a Freehold-based startup building video-focused tools for music artists

  • Clearlogin — a Cranford-based cloud startup making secure access to the cloud easy for users, administrators, and developers.

Here’s to the Greater New York area! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Lexi on the Hired NY Team.

Team Hired NY