Hired London is Officially Open for Business

HIRED enters the European Market with the opening

Today, we’re proud to be officially launching in London – our first international city!

We started quietly beta testing in the UK sixteen weeks ago. In that time, Hired has found that the UK’s technology job market is thriving – with thousands of people applying for invites to the marketplace, and participating candidates already receiving initial offers totalling over £10m.

London is a growing hub for talent, capital and tech company growth.  Investors bet $1bn+ on UK-based startups in the first half of 2014 alone, and Google, Facebook, Samsung and Palantir all have set up major offices in the city.  One in three new jobs created in London is in the tech sector (London & Partners, 2014), with the expectation of a further 46,000 new tech jobs by 2024 (Oxford Economics). London is set to become one of Hired’s fastest-growing markets, and already has an average time to hire of only 19 days.

Analyzing salaries across markets, we can see that there are large differences between the US and the UK, which may help fuel continued growth in London.

  • Average time to hire – 19 days

  • UK salary ranges – £40k-£85k

  • Initial data on salary ranges for different roles:

    • iOS Developer –  £56k in London vs $130k in New York

    • Ruby Developer – £51k in London vs $119k in New York

    • Javascript Developer-   £54k in London vs $117k in Seattle

    • UX/UI Designers – £61k in London vs $104k in Los Angeles

As more technology companies open London offices, there is unprecedented demand for qualified technical candidates. For UK technology companies like Lyst, Geckoboard, WorldRemit and Qubit, Hired is a welcome solution to the challenge of finding the best talent (and a welcome alternative to traditional recruitment methods). Like over 2000 of their US counterparts, those companies have found that working with Hired gives them access to a consistently refereshed pipeline of qualified technical talent.

Here’s what William Shu, the CEO of Deliveroo, said about working with Hired:
“Hired offers us a preferable way to source candidates. I appreciate the simplicity of the Hired platform and the ease of being able to share candidate profiles with my team with the click of a button. It’s much more efficient than dealing with individual recruiters.”

On Hired, candidates get upfront information about all of the companies interested in them – including salary, culture, and job requirements. Armed with this information, candidates can prioritize where they would like to interview based on what’s important to them.

Each candidate also gets paired with a Talent Advocate, who is a hiring expert that can help answer any questions you may have during your job search. Importantly, talent advocates aren’t recruiters – their goal is to make sure that candidates are happy with the hiring/interviewing process, not to sell you on any opportunities.

Here’s what one of our first candidates, Sandra Greiss, said about working with her Talent Advocate:
“Hired ticked all the boxes for me. I had a very professional talent advocate. She helped me find the perfect job very quickly, she cared, listened to me and provided incredible service and advice. She wasn’t pushy, but rather patient, and she made a lot of time for me. All of this made Hired very unique. Finally, the transparency of the whole process through Hired was the cherry on top of the cake.”

Hired’s London team is fantastic. If you are interested in finding a new opportunity (or are looking to hire great people), you couldn’t ask for better people to help. Interested? You can apply for an invite to Hired today as either a candidate or an employer.