Hired Launches Down Under

Australia is on a mission to become a major global tech hub. The Australian Government has made significant strides in policy aimed at spurring the next Atlassian, and there’s more and more venture capital money flowing to local startups. But does Australia have the skills to be a leader in innovation, and is it doing enough to compete on the world stage with tech hubs like Silicon Valley and London?

Data from Digital Pulse paints an ominous picture of Australia’s technological future: just 3,638 students completed an IT degree in 2014, half the number from just ten years earlier. The same report estimates that there will be 100,000 more tech jobs by 2020. ManpowerGroup’s Talent Shortage Survey goes further to show employers are still struggling to find skilled IT workers – IT staff are currently the 5th most difficult workers to hire for in Australia.

More jobs, less talent. Something doesn’t add up.

This shift is happening alongside another important transformation in the way that people and companies in Australia think about work. Individuals don’t just want jobs. They want work that feels challenging, meaningful, and aligned with their goals and lifestyle. And businesses don’t just want employees. They want purpose-driven individuals who are passionate about contributing to their mission.

This is where we saw an opportunity to bring Hired’s network to Australia. Starting with in-demand tech roles, we’re intelligently matching some of the country’s most exciting businesses with the best talent, both locally and from around the world. Our hope is that by taking the pain out of the job search, we can help people build purpose-driven careers, help businesses find the talent to fulfill their missions and contribute to Australia’s next innovation boom.

Today marks our official launch in Australia, and the beginning of our journey Down Under. So far we’ve had more than 17,500 candidates and 550 companies — including the likes of Canva and Uber — sign up to the Hired Opportunity Network. This has surpassed all of our previous international markets, which we take as a positive sign that there’s healthy demand for our approach to connecting companies and candidates.

Salary Parity

After working in beta for the last several months, we’ve gathered some interesting insights about the local job market, as well as what’s needed to further the country’s position as a tech hub.

Needless to say, working in Australia has its perks: the weather, the beaches, the coffee. When it comes to salary, Australian software engineers are on par with London, and out-earn their counterparts in Canada and France. However, as with other countries, there’s a significant gap when compared to Silicon Valley.

On average, Australian software engineers in key roles like HTML/CSS, Java and Javascript earn 44% less than their counterparts in Silicon Valley. While a Java engineer in Sydney can earn AU$100,000 on average, the same engineer can earn AU$177,000 in Silicon Valley. Things like salary parity will only become more important as competition for talent increase.

Australian companies move quickly

Australian companies are keen to move quickly when they hire through our platform. In fact, they had an average time-to-hire of just under 24 days, which is faster than the US, UK and France. It’s also an incredible 44 days less than the global average of 68 days. The recent CEB report that uncovered these findings also suggests that recruitment stupor can cost organisations $500 in lost productivity each day. This means Hired helps save companies an average of $34,000 per opening.

… and they look overseas

Australian businesses on the Hired network not only move quickly, they think outside the box. Our data shows that 32% of interview requests in Australia are sent to overseas candidates. That’s way above what we’ve seen in other countries like the US (1% international requests), UK (5%), France (11%) and Canada (8%).

While this figure doesn’t necessarily suggest that Australia’s tech workforce is made up by more non-natives than natives, it does suggest that Australia is taking steps to get the best tech talent from anywhere in the world into companies here.

If you’re interested in seeing what opportunities we have available Down Under, or if you want to learn more about what it means to be a part of the Hired network please click here.