Hired Interview Guide: Technical Interviews

The technical interview can be the toughest, but most relevant part of your interview process. We’ve found most technical interviews have either a coding exercise, a whiteboarding / collaborative code editing session or review of past code samples.

Here are some of our favorite tools to brush up on your skills:

  • Practice Exercises

  • Coding Challenges

    • Our favorite is Quora’s coding challenges. Check them out!

  • Whiteboarding

    • If you haven't whiteboarded for an interview in a while, watch Dice's Gayle Laakmann delves into the Whiteboard interview on YouTube. If you have, practice with a tool like Collabedit.

  • Open Source

    • Some companies will take recent open source contributions instead of proprietary coding challenges. If that’s more your style, commit some changes to a project on Github and then add them to your profile.