Hired helps engineers get 4+ job offers per week from 600+ NYC companies

Hired takes the local approach to building the best job search experience in the world – we open offices in top tech hubs and help build local communities via a marketplace that pairs the best companies with great talent in their city (or great people actively looking to relocate there).

A little over a year ago, we opened to New York City – only our second city (after our home turf in the Bay Area). In our first year of operations here, over 600 New York based companies have already placed $1.6 Billion in job offers to thousands of engineers. If you’re curious to learn more – especially if you’re hiring or interested in a new job – we encourage you to come give Hired a try.

At our current scale, we’ve started noticing several key trends about Talent in New York, and we wanted to share what we’ve learned with you. Here are some key talent trends (and what some early users have said about the Hired process):

Here are what a few of our users have written in about their experience with Hired:

“I was looking to find a job quickly. I created a profile in Hired on Friday afternoon and within a week I had landed two interviews. Hired moved the job search process along much faster.”

“The degree of personal attention that I got from my Talent Advocate was astonishing. I had an ally throughout a process that is normally so alienating and confusing.”

“Using Hired turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made for my career so far. It helped me land a job with a great company I never would’ve imagined I would be working for.”

“I wanted to work with a company that had an energetic team and a product I could get behind. Hired made it easy to see what companies were interested in me – a majority were a perfect fit for me.”

We’re thrilled that people have found such great success using Hired, and we can’t wait to help more top engineers and talented workers improve their job search and find jobs they are more excited about. We hope you’ll come give Hired a try.