Hired Goes International, Opens London Office - Lyst, Transferwise & Other Top Companies Signed Up!

HIRED enters the European Market with the opening of London Office

Here at Hired, we know that the explosion of technology, and consequentially the need for tech talent, is a global phenomenon. We’ve seen international inbound demand on both sides of our marketplace for a while now, and we’ve been actively looking for ways to shrink geographic boundaries and make Hired a truly global marketplace for talent.

So now, after successfully launching 5 US cities in 2014, we’ve taken the plunge, hopped across the Pond and are opening our first international market: London.

Why London?  

Well, three reasons really:

First, London is a growing hub for talent, capital and tech company growth.  Investors bet  $1bn+ on UK-based startups in the first half of 2014 alone, and Google, Facebook, Samsung and Palantir all have set up major offices in the city.  One in three new jobs created in London is in the tech sector (London & Partners, 2014), with the expectation of a further  46,000 new tech jobs by 2024 (Oxford Economics). London has always been known as a finance center so it is hardly surprising that London employs more fintech talent than either New York or Silicon Valley.

Second, it’s the first port of call for any growing company looking to access the UK and European markets.  There are vibrant, growing tech communities – employing millions of people across the UK – from Exeter to Edinburgh, Cambridge to Cardiff.  Because we’ll be letting in talent from all over the European Union, Hired UK will help these companies discover a broader pool of high quality talent.

Finally, while positive government-back initiatives, funding for startups and tech communities are flourishing, we are hearing time and again that finding top talent is still the biggest challenge for growing companies in the UK.  

London calling…

Hired UK will work just like Hired US.  For companies, Hired will provides a consistent pipeline of tech talent from across the European Union, who have been vetted for quality and intent.  For talent, Hired will offer a simple and transparent process to discover great jobs throughout the UK.

We’re excited to bring the Hired experience to its second continent and replicate here the great experience had by thousands of US companies and candidates over the past 2 years.

If you’re a growing company in the UK, we’d love to help you find your next perfect employee.

If you’re a talented, UK-based engineer, product manager, designer or data scientist, we’d love to help you discover your next step.


The Hired Team