Hired Launches in Washington D.C., Facilitates over $100M in Job Offers

Today, Hired is proud to announce its launch today into the Washington D.C. market. D.C. is home to a highly-educated, motivated & civic-minded community of entrepreneurs and technologists, inspired & incentivized to solve meaningful problems through technology — and we are proud to be a part of the ecosystem.

During the 6-month beta period, we saw over 5000 engineers and 140 companies in the area sign up for the platform. We facilitated introductions between hundreds of engineers and growing companies in D.C. — and helped local startups like Opower, Trackmaven, Videoblocks, Contactually, Everfi and Araxid find and hire top talent.

Here are a few reasons why we’ve expanded our presence in the nation’s capital:

  • Washington D.C.’s technology sector is objectively exploding. There are 2,500+ unfilled tech jobs — making it the 4th biggest opportunity for technical jobs in the U.S.
  • The District has vast access to capital — $1.08B in venture capital were raised by D.C. startups in 2014 — from both the private sector and the government. Price Waterhouse lists the city in the top five hubs for venture capitalists.
  • The government has laid the groundwork for tech innovation; startups are eligible for the U.S.’s best financial incentives, like new-hire wage reimbursements, employee relocation credits & waived corporate income taxes.

Hired is excited to supply Washington D.C.’s growing companies with great tech talent, and is committed to supporting the market’s success. Companies and and talent can now request an invite at www.hired.com.

Lexi Lewtan

New Markets Manager,

Hired, Inc.

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