Hired Empowers Future Generation of Leaders with $5,000 Scholarship for Computer Science and Engineering Students

At Hired, we are on a mission to get everyone a job they love. A part of that journey is empowering the next generation of leaders to get the education they deserve.

To help make that possible, we decided to create a $5,000 scholarship for computer science and engineering students as they begin their lifelong education journey.

Applicants were required to send in a one-page essay summarizing the significant ways they contribute to the software engineering field. They were also required to provide a practical demonstration, such as a link to a source code, computer science thesis, or an applied computer science/engineering project.

The Hired Scholarship Winner

Hired is proud to announce the winner of the $5,000 Hired scholarship: Madison Derringer, an electrical and computer engineering student at Bradley University. For her scholarship submission, Madison wrote a code to communicate with a circuit board to display a scrolling message on an Xilinx LCD screen using VHDL code.

Madison said her parents always encouraged her curiosity and need to explore, which inspired her to study electrical and computer engineering. “My dad let me help him with projects like rebuilding a computer, rebuilding a car engine, and letting me fix simple electronic problems around the house. Through [this], I discovered my love for electronics and computers.”

She is most excited about the infinite possibilities that come with an electrical and computer engineering degree. “Electronics are a part of our everyday lives. If I want to pursue something more biology-related, I can because electric signals run in our brains and hearts. Or, I can stay strictly non-organic and help create the next super computer.”

Madison also hopes that her degree gives her the skills and tools to make a difference in the world. “[I hope to] find a job where work never feels like work. I want to keep my brain moving and thinking of new and more efficient ways to accomplish different problems in our technology-based world. Whether that career is with NASA, Microsoft, Boeing, etc.—as long as I can make a difference in the world.”

To Madison, one of the biggest benefits of the $5,000 Hired scholarship is a lighter financial burden. “I believe anyone who decides to obtain a higher education is frightened by the price tag that comes with it. Thanks to the Hired scholarship, my fear is lesser than what it used to be. Now I know that I’m not just another university student, I can stand out.”

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