Announcing Hired’s Brand Refresh

Hi, let us reintroduce ourselves

Hired was launched in 2012 on a mission to change how hiring gets done. From day one, we’ve helped connect millions of ambitious people to opportunities without the hassle, pain, and wasted time of job boards and dead-end applications. For almost a decade, the essence of our brands spoke to a startup figuring out a way to disrupt the highly fragmented, opaque staffing and recruiting industry. 

Hired has significantly evolved since the early days. We’ve expanded globally, introducing more than 3 million candidates to Hired, navigated through a pandemic, and, in the US, the highest unemployment since the Great Depression. We’ve become far more aware of our obligation to build a transparent, equitable hiring process that includes historically marginalized identities. And as an organization, we had our most significant change of all, combining with Vettery as part of the Adecco Group. 

Today is an exciting milestone for our company. After months of incredibly hard work from our teams at Hired and Vettery, we’ve completed the integration of both of our platforms and brands, reintroducing our team as one, Hired. Our brand refresh launching today reflects both the progress we’ve made and the potential that is to come: our vision to make all hiring equitable, efficient, and transparent. I’m so proud of the incredible impact our team has made to date and am excited to share a new identity that reflects the next part of our journey.

-Josh Brenner, CEO of Hired

To give more insight into why and what this brand refresh means for Hired, we sat down with Erica Yamamoto, our VP of Marketing, who shares the behind-the-scenes decisions of our new brand. 

Why a brand refresh for Hired? 

Hired and Vettery have gone through immense change since we were founded nearly a decade ago. Our brand refresh celebrates our evolution to the new Hired, which represents our renewed belief that the industry needs to make all hiring equitable, efficient, and transparent.  Additionally, a brand refresh allows us to externally reflect the business change that the combination between Vettery and Hired represents. It both visually and contextually unites our two companies under one brand and marketplace Hired. 

How does our new brand reflect Hired’s aspirations?

Our new unified brand moves us away from a strictly transactional job-hunting platform. We are committed to being a resource and thought-leader around the historically opaque and challenging hiring process to employers and talent alike. Through greater access to talent and career resources, a broader geographic reach, and deepening of our matching technology across all ways to hire and get hired, we are looking to expand our impact to empower connections between ambitious people and teams. This new brand identity gives us more flexibility and brings us one step closer to share our vision for a world where all hiring is equitable, efficient, and transparent.

Who helped update and create the new brand?  

Our brand refresh is based on feedback we received from talent, clients, and our internal teams. Using this input, our new brand repositions ourselves from a tech-heavy startup towards a broader solution for hiring that promotes inclusivity, support, and collaboration.

I want to personally thank Pete Cuba and Sky MacFadyen, our incredibly talented internal creative team, who used the feedback to bring our new strategic direction and vision to life. We also worked with Joint NY of Wieden+Kennedy on the animations. The creation of our new brand represents a dream team effort on an incredibly aggressive timeline (four months) and truly reflects the passion, excellence, and hustle of our people that are core to our values.

Announcing Hired's Brand Refresh

What does the new logo represent? 

Our new logo is approachable while retaining geometry, precision, and confidence. 

The rich black wordmark contrasts with the purple cursor, lending gravitas and allowing our colors to pop. The cursor graphic is rooted in tech and represents the potential of what comes next for employers and talent alike. It highlights the potential paths that come with joining a new team, starting a new job, or launching a new hiring process. And as you can see, it can take an unpredictable and playful life of its own – it’s not intended to be set as a straight line. It’s incredibly dynamic, much like the career journey so many of us are on.  It’s the modern version of a blank sheet of paper, inviting our partners to write their own future, or “Employ Your Potential,” our new motto.

Our motto, Employ your Potential, is our anchor and quick way of alluding to our broader vision to support and guide our candidates and clients throughout their career or hiring journey and connecting each other to opportunities that employ their full potential. It speaks to the fact that the work only begins with a job match and that the journey begins here, with Hired.

And while our logo is designed to work anywhere, we also wanted to create a more playful supporting mark which is the new Hi icon. This is intended to provide us with an approachable way to begin the start of our story together, giving us even more flexibility in our communication and branding style. 

What is the significance of the new colors?

The new purple moves away from the more aggressive Hired Red and the lighthearted Vettery Blue, giving us more flexibility in our communications. Psychologically, purple also represents wisdom and grace, representative of the thought leadership and guidance we hope to bring forward to our talent and employers, alike.

What’s to come after Hired’s brand refresh? 

Today we are excited to announce that we’ve officially completed the combination of the Hired and Vettery marketplaces and are joining forces to create our new universal brand  —  Hired. Our brand refresh will continue to come to life over the coming weeks and months, in our website, our data reports, our tone of voice, product strategy, and so much more. We’re excited to share more with you soon — stay tuned!

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