Hired begins testing Boston Market, sees 2,500+ candidate sign ups


Boston Strong: birthplace of the American Revolution, the Pixies and Spock; home of the Green Monster, the Make Way For Ducklings statues, and the country’s oldest subway system; littered with Dunkin' Donuts, wicked confusing streets, and the most hated beloved sports fans in the country.

Boston is also home to a burgeoning tech scene; it currently has ~700 venture-backed startups, 18 of which have filed IPO’s in 2014 so far, and more software developers and R&D investment per capita than anywhere in the world.  It also has 2,000+ unfilled software engineering jobs and a mismatched talent liquidity (we’ve had 2,500+ candidates sign ups and 140+ company sign ups from Boston to date)---making it a great opportunity for us.

Hired is thrilled to announce that we are jumping on the Boston bandwagon. We’ll be working with local fixtures like TripAdvisor, SmarterTravel & Hubspot as well as a plethora of newer startups to help top talent find their dream jobs in the Boston area. And while many local innovators are making the world a healthier, more efficient, greener place, Hired is here to help you all build the most meaningful foundation for those visions---your teams.

Here are a few highlights in this first week’s batch of candidates:

  • An experienced mobile developer with Ruby on Rails chops; currently building a way to privately share photos and videos on iOS, Android & web

  • A JavaScript & Ruby developer with a CS degree; currently building cloud-based services for 50k+ medical providers at an EHR company

If you’re a growing company in Massachusetts, we’d love to invite you to check out the top engineers, product managers, designers, and data scientists on the platform this week. Sign up here to learn more.

P.S. Do you know someone in Boston who'd love to use Hired? Invite them to try us out and we'll send you $5,000 if they accept a job through the Marketplace. This offer ends midnight, 9/12 so share now!

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