February Feature Spotlight: Project Manager and IT roles, and more

Welcome to the brand new Hired feature spotlight blog post. Each month, we’ll share some hot new features that have hit the platform recently, or revisit a few important updates that you might have missed. Either way, think of this monthly post as a Hired user’s essential guide to keeping up with all the features that will help you hire better tech talent, faster.

Now you can access new Hired candidates every day, not just Monday

Previously, new candidates entered the Hired marketplace exclusively on Mondays. Now, you can access new top candidates every day of the business week, so you’ll have a better chance of finding and reaching great matches that might otherwise get lost in the Monday rush. With top candidates going live throughout the week, there is reduced competition. The playing field is leveled so all employers have the same chance at candidates, not just those who reach them first on Monday. Also, because candidates don’t have to wait a few days to get started, new candidates are more likely to be active and ready to start their job search right now.

We’ve already seen that Hired employers have made more hires as a result of this increased accessibility. We’ll email you when you have new matches for your open positions, so be sure to log in whenever you see you have new candidate matches.

Hire Project Manager and Information Technology (IT) roles

Free for subscription customers until the end of March!

Have you been looking for Salesforce Developers, Solutions Engineers, Program Managers, or other roles that fall under the category of Project Manager or Information Technology? For a limited time, Hired subscription customers get exclusive access to hire these roles for free. All you have to do is log in, create a new position for these roles, and check out your pipeline of Project Manager and IT candidates.

If you aren’t hiring for these but other members are on your team are, feel free to invite them to Hired.

Increase productivity by viewing and taking action on candidates in Quickviewer

Last year, we launched our Quickviewer, which you can use to easily scroll and scan through candidate profiles. Since we’re always looking for ways to help Hired users be more productive, we’ve now made it easier for you to take action on candidates right in the Quickviewer. Save time reaching out to candidates and collaborating with your team by shortlisting candidates to share with your hiring team, or hiding candidates from view. Because we believe in giving you insight into your hiring process, we’ve also enhanced the tracking tools in Quickviewer, so you can see the actions you and your team members have taken on candidates during each session, and reduce the communication needed outside of the platform.


While those are just the highlights from this month, we’ve launched many more features that help improve the predictability of your pipeline and enhance hiring productivity. Be sure to log in to Hired to see what’s new. And come back next month for a new set of Hired spotlight features.