Independent Worker Services

 (For contractors, consultants, freelancers, and temp workers)

Overview We consider independent workers to be any form of work on a contingent basis. So whether you consider yourself a contractor, consultant, freelancer, or temporary worker Hired is here to make your job search and employment painless and prosperous. We have done extensive research to understand the pros and cons of being an independent worker and have crafted a solution with the independent worker in mind. How Do You Get Access? Simply fill out your Hired profile and select your interest in “Contract” opportunities. When employers view your profile it will indicate your interest in Contract roles and they can reach out appropriately from that point forward. Time & Attendance As an independent worker you are typically paid on an hourly basis. Hired has removed the hassle of tracking, reporting, and billing. We provide you with your own secure system that you can access through your phone or computer. You will log all of your hours and be able to pull various reports based on your needs. Collection One of the most stressful aspects of being an independent worker is getting paid! Hired pre-funds your paycheck insuring you get paid for the time you put in. As a 3rd party we also handle all collection from the client, eliminating time, risk, and awkwardness. Legal Support & Consultation Each client that Hired works with agrees to a Terms of Service that standardizes the contract between all parties. We can provide legal consultation for employment or contract law throughout the duration of your engagement. Accounting & Tax Help Being an independent worker is stressful and pricey when tax season comes around. You incur high self-employment taxes, have to budget and save appropriately, and unless you are a CPA it is in your best interest to hire an accountant. Hired alleviates this by operating as the employer of record eliminating additional self-employment tax and auto deducting from each paycheck during your contract engagement. This leaves you in a much better position come tax time and allows you to understand your financial position in real time. Support We have a fully dedicated support team specifically for independent worker services!  Speak to your local contact or reach out to: Matt Pierce Category Manager