What is your pricing? W-2 Contract Employee - 30% markup of the candidates pay rate 1099 Independent Contractor - 15% markup of the candidates pay rate What if I want to convert the contractor to a Permanent Hire? 0-3 months → 15% placement fee 3-6 months → 10% placement fee 6 months + → Free to convert Why is the W-2 Contractor markup 30% and 1099 Independent Contractors markup 15%? For W-2 Contractors we operate as the Employer of Record and pay medicare, social security, federal/state taxes, and workers compensation. Due to this cost we charge an additional 15% comparatively to our 1099 Independent Contractor option.   For more information on W-2 vs 1099, check out this document. We have just made an offer to a contract candidate from Hired – what’s next? Hired will be providing you with a Rate Letter confirming your requirements and rate information.  Hired will then be notifying People 2.0 to begin the on-boarding process.  All new starts must complete the on-boarding requirements prior to working. Who is People 2.0? Hired partners with People 2.0 to manage all of our Contractor engagements. People 2.0 will operate as the payroll services provider and will insure employment classification compliance. What is the on-boarding process for the candidate?
  • W-2 Contractors -  The on-boarding consists of obtaining signed documents for the W-4, I-9, Handbook Acknowledgment, and Direct Deposit.  It may also include additional requirements by clients such as background, drug screening and education requirements.   
  • 1099 Independent Contractors - Clients will be required to complete Independent Contractor questions to ensure that the Federal regulations that require employers to use deciding factors to confirm the
  • Worker Classification - A Hired representative will provide you with the Independent Contractor factor questions if applicable.
We need the contractor to start right away - is this possible? Estimated start dates are provided to People 2.0 from Hired.  However, the actual start date will depend upon completion and meeting the on-boarding requirements.  People 2.0 notifies Hired representatives as soon as all the documentation and requirements have been met.  In most cases, it is 2-3 business days to complete everything but this does depend on the Contractor to complete timely and if additional requirements such as drug testing, are back. Can I have documentation of any special requirements for background or drug testing? People 2.0 will ensure that the Contractor meets the requirements as detailed in the Contract Hiring Criteria email. People 2.0 will provide notification to Hired that a contractor is ‘approved to work’ or ‘not approved to work’. This is a staffing industry best practice to help protect clients from adverse actions by a contractor.  This way the client is protected from any related screening claims, and the evaluation of the applicants remains in the hands of the actual employer. There is confidential information contained in documents and staffing agencies have a duty to protect that information from disclosure by law.  Sharing this type of information is not a risk-free proposition for the client. If the client participates in “evaluating” the results of a background check, they could be held liable for incorrect interpretations. When and how are Contractors paid? People 2.0 processes payroll weekly and pay days are Friday for the previous week ending Sunday. All C Contractors are paid via Direct Deposit which is set up during the on-boarding process.   Example:  All work performed/hours for week ending 6/7/15 are paid on Friday June 12th. What is the weekly time approval process? All contractors will submit their hours worked into the People 2.0 time capture system. The client representative will receive an email to approve hours through the People 2.0 online client portal.   How are we invoiced and what if we have billing questions? All invoices are delivered electronically via email weekly.  Any questions with invoices, contact ap@hired.com.