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September 06, 2022

10 Books to Add to Your List for Insights in Leadership and Management

Read a Book Day inspires recommendations from Hired partners Whether you prefer to read a traditional hardcover, listen to audiobooks, or skim an electronic version on your device, books are...

February 03, 2022

Partner Spotlight - Sales Impact Academy

Quickly grow the expertise of sales teams with resources from Sales Impact Academy Sales Impact Academy is the leading education solution for go-to-market teams, developed by industry experts to...

January 20, 2022

Partner Spotlight - Oyster

Manage HR and payroll, and automate compliance across 180+ countries - all in one, easy-to-use platform Oyster is a distributed talent management platform rapidly revolutionising the way...

December 14, 2021

Hired Releases “2021 List of Top Employers Winning Tech Talent”

AI-driven tech and sales career marketplace Hired ranked US and UK companies across equity, efficiency, and transparency in hiring processes Based on Hired’s data; Insider, Inc., The Walt Disney...

September 27, 2021

Hired Partner Q&A: Driving DEI with CodeYourFuture & QTBIPOC Design

At Hired, we partner with a variety of organizations to engage with and recruit historically underrepresented candidates and drive DEI in the tech industry. Additionally, we constantly provide...

March 03, 2020

Launching Hired Flex & Self Service: Giving Companies Unprecedented Hiring Flexibility

Recognizing that a company’s hiring funnel is just as important as their revenue funnel holds true regardless of company size. As a career marketplace with over 10,000 companies on our platform, we...