Announcing our Newest ATS Integration With Lever

Since integrating with our first applicant tracking system last year, we've had hundreds of companies take advantage of the integration. Today, due to popular demand, we're thrilled to announce that we're adding support for Lever to continue helping hiring managers and recruiters find and hire talent as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Lever and Hired share a similar philosophy in that we both believe the hiring market is deeply flawed and needs to be fixed. Now, not only will employers be able to take advantage of the Hired platform, but they can do so within Lever - that means no more manual data entry, seamless organization of feedback from interviews and easy sharing of questions or comments from the hiring team.

Here's how it works:

1. Access your Lever account and receive a unique API key.


2. Visit the Hired integrations page and enter your key. Click "Save."


3. You're ready to go!


Lever and Hired together will continue to help make the hiring process simple and more transparent, connecting you to top talent in a far more efficient and cost effective way than most other traditional recruiting tools.

In the future, we envision Hired fitting into every employer's workflow and expect to continue partnering with more ATS providers to continue making the hiring process easier and more efficient. If you are an ATS provider and are interested in partnering with Hired, let us know!

Also, be sure to stay tuned for updates on all of our ATS integrations, including a new way to synchronize information across platforms.

About the Author

Lindsey Scott

Lindsey Scott leads Hired's communications team.