Announcing a New Sales Marketplace and $15 Million in Funding

Announcing a New Sales Marketplace and $15 Million in Funding

Two years ago, Allan, Doug and I started this company with a simple mission — to make getting hired (and hiring) less painful. Today, we’re thrilled to share two exciting updates that will propel Hired forward in its march to become the global career marketplace for the world’s knowledge workers:

  1. We’re launching our curated, two-sided marketplace for sales professionals from beta (initially available in San Francisco).

  2. We’ve raised $15 million in Series B funding to drive our vertical and geographic expansion through 2015. In this round, our existing investors Crosslink Capital, Sierra Ventures, SoftTech and SherpaVentures increased their investments, and we welcomed Silicon Valley Bank, Comcast Ventures and Lumia Capital on board as new investors.

Our blistering growth has naturally resulted in overwhelming investor interest. Although we still have the majority of the cash from our Series A round in the bank, we saw the opportunity to bring more premier VC firms on board as strategic partners. It’s a celebration and recognition of our rapid traction, but primarily a way for us to throw gas on the fire and accelerate the expansion of our marketplace into more talent verticals and more markets around the world.

The first vertical expansion we’ve set our sights on is sales. This new marketplace gives talented sales pros access to the same seamless, transparent, hassle-free job experience that we’ve been offering to software engineers and designers. (And yes, that includes the $2,000 signing bonus!). Over the past three months, we’ve been beta testing the sales marketplace with 200 companies hiring for sales roles and have facilitated more than 500 introductions.

To give you an idea of how easy it’s made the hiring process, check out this note from Christopher Shalchi, a sales development representative who signed up on Hired and landed a job in just four days:

“After searching for the next big step in my career for over two weeks, I finally came across Hired. As soon as I signed up I had immediate support from a talent advocate who was ready to answer all my questions and provide me with helpful information to expedite the hiring process. I had multiple offers in my hand within the first business day of being on and accepted a paper offer from NuORDER in four days! By the following Monday (seven days after signing up) I was sitting in the new office in West Hollywood for my first day for an amazing company. I can’t imagine using any other platform to be discovered by highly reputable employers and will continue to refer others to this amazing opportunity!”

That’s the power of Hired.

Beyond the sales vertical and the funding news, Hired has seen tremendous growth in several other key areas, including:

  • Driven by demand, we’ve expanded our marketplace from San Francisco to New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston and London in just nine months. (By the end of 2015, we plan to be in over a dozen markets nationally and internationally.)

  • We’ve quadrupled the number of jobs people are finding in our marketplace on a monthly basis in just seven months. In fact, more people got hired in October of this year via our marketplace than in the entire first nine months of 2013!

  • We are approaching the $5 billion milestone in job offers made through our platform.

Ultimately, we can’t help the world’s best talent without some amazing talent of our own. I’m incredibly proud of our team and our efforts to fundamentally change the way companies and people connect with each other. Engineering and sales are just the beginning for us. We want to make it easier for the world’s top talent to find their perfect career match.

Today, we’re one step closer to making that possible.