Announcing 1% – Recruiting Pricing That Makes Sense.

Announcing 1% – Recruiting Pricing That Makes Sense.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce an industry first for the recruitment industry: pay-as-you go pricing for full-time employees.

For the past 50-years, recruitment services providers have billed a lump sum whenever a company hires a full-time employee… for a fast growing business that’s adding multiple people a month, this can mean some pretty hefty invoices.

Furthermore, under the lump-sum payment plan incentives between the recruiter and the employer were never truly 100% aligned. As long as an employee stayed past the 30 or 60-day guarantee period, the recruitment agency could essentially “cut bait & run”, regardless of what happened the following month or quarter.

We believe we can do better. So today we’re proud to announce a new payment option for all our valued clients: pay 1% of the annual base salary, per month, for up to 24 months. This effectively reduces the first-month cost of a new hire by over 90%, and aligns your recruiting costs with the value that the employee is creating in your organization.

I still prefer to pay upfront.

No worries, our 15% pricing plan is still an option. We will confirm your payment preference before any invoices are issued.

How do you bill me?

For clients choosing the 1% option, we will setup an automatic monthly ACH withdrawal or credit card payment.

What happens if someone leaves or gets fired when I’m on the 1% payment plan?

Simply inform us, and we will stop billing you. You only pay while the employee is with you – up to maximum of 24 months.

The employee we recruited from Hired has been with us for 6 months and is great, can I buy out the rest of the contract? Please contact your account manager to discuss a discounted lump-sum price to buy out the remainder of the 24-month term.

by Matt Mickiewicz, CEO