9 Kinds of People Who Should Be Applying for New Jobs Right Now

9 Kinds of People Who Should Be Applying for New Jobs Right Now


September hails the advent of autumn — and with it, all back-to-school cliches: textbook sales, fair isle sweaters, off-to-college commercials that pull at the heart strings. During this fall frenzy when school-age children are stuffed back into classrooms, many work-age adult begin eyeing their own trajectories.

For many working professionals, September’s theme is “back to work” — hiring managers are scrambling to fill important roles, executives are outlining 2017 plans and beginning to secure budgets, and candidates everywhere are returning to their desks after summer’s last hurrah, anxious to get to work — or get new work. The period between Labor Day and Thanksgiving is one of two peak hiring seasons (the other: Q1 push in January-February).

Is it time for you to think about finding a new job? Here are the 9 kinds of people who will benefit most from this peak hiring season:

You want to work for an early stage startup.
According to Mattermark and Pitchbook data, Q3 and Q4 are peak funding times, especially for early stage startups. Series B and D stage startups are especially poised to benefit from 2016’s VC environment, per Mattermark analysis.

You’re an engineer.
The job market for engineers continues to be hot, especially for developers with iOS, android, Java, and full stack experience.

You work in marketing.
If this year’s hiring trends reflect last year’s hiring trends, Q4 will be good to marketing candidates. Interview requests for marketing candidates jumped 60% in Q4 of 2015, per our internal data.

You want a new job, and you want to start tomorrow.
For those who are ready and eager to find a new job, and fast: Now is the time to do so. With hiring managers and all decision makers back in the building post-Burning Man, the time is nigh.

You live in the Bay Area.
The Bay Area is in the throes of a major hiring boom, adding 35,000 tech jobs every month, according to a recent Employment Development Department report. And the growth isn’t just happening in San Francisco; per The Mercury News, the East Bay saw its biggest increase in jobs in nearly six years, and Santa Clara County saw its strongest job growth in 12 months.

You have non-traditional experience, or want to change careers.
On the whole, hiring managers are more motivated to fill important roles in September, but they’re also less harried this time of year, leaving them more time to consider non-traditional applicants.

You want to relocate.
Hiring managers need to fill important, senior positions — and they’re willing to pay to move your whole family, if that’s what it takes to get the right candidate in the door.

You want to land freelance work.
Decision makers often refocus after Labor Day and/or Burning Man — and, upon returning to their desk, decide to outsource key projects in order to deliver the results they’ve promised.

You want to lead your own department.
It’s nearing Q4 crunchtime, when hiring managers and executives are under pressure to staff up key business functions, including new initiatives. If you want to build strategy and lead execution from the ground up, now is the time to apply to those senior manager/director positions and get in the door in order to start 2017 staffed up and ready to execute.