5 Simple Tips to Increase Your Hiring Efficiency on Hired

You asked, and we listened.

How do I increase the number of people who accept my interview requests?  How do I filter out more people who are irrelevant to the role I am looking to fill?

The top most requested product improvements we have heard revolve around the ability to refine search results to decrease the amount of time spent browsing the platform. As such, we are excited to announce our newest filter features that allow you to filter based on a person’s years of experience – log in to your Hired account and check it out today!

  1. Use the keyword search functions in conjunction with filters

Today, 20% of Hired clients use keyword search on the candidate list page. Increase your efficiency on the platform by simply building keyword searches into their current filters. Keyword search will allow you to filter for anyone who has listed the word anywhere on their profile. Here are some common keywords companies search for:

“computer science” – if your role required someone with a degree

“permanent” “resident” – if you are focusing on permanent residents versus someone who requires Visa sponsorship

“PhD” – if you are looking for someone with a specific degree

“infrastructure” – if you are focusing on a specific role component

“contract”  – if you are looking for someone with a contract rate

“angular” – if you are looking for a candidate that specializes in a specific framework

“Apple” – if you are interested in candidates who worked at a certain company in the past

Searching for any of these words in addition to checking a specialty bucket will give you search results where the candidate meets both criteria. Keyword search also allows you to layer multiple skills to narrow down your candidates if you are looking for someone who has all three, like “angular node java” together. Alternatively, checking two specialty buckets will return all candidates who have either one or the other.

  1. Make Hiring a Company-wide Affair

Invite your engineers, hiring managers, and sourcers onto Hired. There’s no clearer way to signal that hiring is your #1 priority than involving the entire organization in the process. Hired makes it simple for several users to use the platform. You can hide, star, and leave private notes on candidate profiles for hiring managers to see.

After you’ve thoroughly reviewed someone’s profile, send out an interview request or hide the candidate. If you have multiple users within your company reviewing profiles, take an extra step to jot down notes for your co-workers to let them know you’ve reviewed the candidate. Hiding candidates who aren’t a fit will save you from reviewing the same individual multiple times.

  1. Build a comprehensive company profile page

Companies who build out their company profile page see a 25% increase in interview request acceptances. When you send a candidate an interview request, they are linked to your company profile page to help them with their initial research in deciding whether or not they want to interview. Your company profile allows you to showcase your company: include office space photos, detail out perks and benefits, set expectations for the interview process, and more. Your company profile page is not searchable – only the candidates who you request interviews from will be able to view your company profile.

Log in today and make sure your company page includes:

  • product photos and videos

  • office space photos

  • perks and benefits

  • interview expectations and process

  1. Reach out to job seekers early on Monday when they are new to the platform

20% of total hires on the Hired platform come from the first interview request that an individual receives. Job seekers are excited during the first few days that they are on the platform and more likely to accept interview requests sent on Monday versus Friday. Our top candidates can receive an average of 6 interview requests. Even if they are interested in your company, they will be less likely research the employer if you are the 7th company reaching out versus the 3rd or 4th.

Block off time on your calendar every Monday morning as a reminder. Utilize the filter that allows you to view only new candidates.

As you progress into second and third rounds of interviews, provide feedback and schedule next steps within 48 hours to keep the process moving.

  1. Leverage your Client Executive

Hiring is hard work. Your Client Executive’s main priority is to make your experience on Hired better. If you haven’t been leveraging your CE to help you grow your team, here are some things that our most successful clients do:

  • If candidates become unresponsive or difficult to get a hold of, ping your CE to investigate on your behalf to see if they are still job seeking.

  • If there are questions you aren’t comfortable asking the candidate, send them to your CE and they’ll get you answers.

  • If you have a candidate in final stages that you’re really excited about, ask your CE if the candidate has shared feedback. Learn about the what the candidate values most and go into the onsite prepared.

  • If you haven’t already alerted your CE about your current openings, reach out to them today so they can help!