Hired's 2022 List of Top Employers Winning Tech Talent

Hired's 2022 List of Top Employers Winning Tech Talent

Companies scored across equity, efficiency, and transparency in hiring processes based on Hired’s proprietary data; Education First, Google, Optum, and Yum Brands among top employers

Hired, the leading AI-driven hiring marketplace matching tech and sales talent with top companies, today released its 2022 List of Top Employers Winning Tech Talent, ranking the top 10 small, medium, and large companies in North America and UK. The list is based on data from thousands of daily interactions between recruiters and candidates on Hired’s marketplace. This list follows Hired’s first official benchmarking report, What Top Tech Employers Do Differently: New Hiring Data to Win in 2023, providing key insights for people leaders, including benchmarks from top employers getting tech hiring “right” in 2022. 

Attracting, hiring, and retaining top talent has proven to be challenging – especially in the last six months of 2022 as volatile market conditions and updates to employment laws brought sizable changes to the hiring landscape this year. These include: 


Several states across the US as well as the UK have or will enact legislation requiring companies to disclose or publish salary ranges. By increasing salary transparency, there might be increased progress in the closing of wage gaps between underrepresented candidates and their white male counterparts.


Mass layoffs have disproportionately affected HR/People and DEI teams, threatening to undo years of progress for more equitable company cultures and hiring practices. 


Inefficient hiring processes, rife with disjointed steps and redundancies, have long caused candidate attrition and threatened recruitment pipelines for years. As companies now slow or pause hiring, this could further negatively impact talent acquisition processes with top talent, still sought after, now being overlooked. Hiring pipelines and a company’s employer brand are still at risk in 2023. 

“2022 has seen rapid shifts in the workplace – from employee disengagement and burnout, to mass layoffs and hiring freezes,” said Josh Brenner, CEO of Hired. “In the midst of all of this, data shows that the market for tech talent is still incredibly strong for companies who are actively growing and hiring. What’s key is that these companies remain committed to equitable, efficient, and transparent hiring practices in this ever-changing macro environment. 

“This year, a rising number of companies in industries across healthcare and wellness, retail, and media made the list. We were encouraged to see tech companies not usually on standard tech rankings honored this year on our 2022 list, including Yum! Brands, Optum, and Paramount.”

Rankings methodology 

Hired created a sub-score for each core pillar: equity, efficiency, and transparency. From there, a weighted average was calculated which presented each company’s final, averaged score. Equal weight was given to each individual metric and core value. 


Here are the 2022 top small, medium-sized, and enterprise companies across North America and UK: 

In North America:

In the UK:

Top Tech Employers List key findings

This year’s list of Top Employers Winning Tech Talent is from the data in Hired’s benchmark report, What Top Tech Employers Do Differently: New Hiring Data to Win in 2023. In spite of challenges facing the hiring market across efficiency, transparency, and equity areas, key findings include: 

  • In a vastly different hiring market, data indicates North American companies were more equitable and efficient in 2022 compared to 2021.
  • Even as hiring and market volatility tested companies’ commitment to DEI, top tech employers in 2022 were significantly more equitable and stayed focused on building diverse teams – sending 10-15% more offers to underrepresented candidates than the benchmark median in North America, and 5-15% more offers to underrepresented candidates in the UK.
  • Despite economic conditions, top tech employers saw days-to-hire metrics (time to hire) consistently decrease from 2021 to 2022 – meaning they were able to secure top talent more efficiently within tighter resourcing constraints and in a quickly changing talent market.
  • Across both North America and the UK, top companies showed significantly greater salary transparency than the benchmark median. These companies ensured consistency with low variation between salaries communicated versus salaries offered to candidates, with North American SMB companies showing the lowest median salary variance of 11% (most transparent) compared across company size segments and regions. 

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